Free Ad Slot System Revamp For Real Estate

On May 24, the Real Estate Category will undergo a change in its free ad slot allotment. No worries! You can still post free ads under the new allotment scheme for each subcategory: One free ad slot

Only 1 Car Ad Can Be Posted For Free Per Month

On the week of May 8, 2017, the Cars Category will undergo a change in how free ad slots work: Once the free ad slot is used, it cannot be used for another ad for 29 days. Deleting

Update For OLX Car Dealers: New Prices and Posting Options

As car sales in the Philippines continue to increase, we are updating our services and pricing in the Cars Category. This is to maintain the quality and sustainability of the premium services OLX provides to its


Taking Steps for a Greener World with OLX

It is with fair warning that we become more aware of the effects of climate change, urging us to take actionable steps in figuring out ways to reduce carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is the product of

RE/MAX Capital: Seizing Opportunities In The Real Estate Industry

No matter what your background, with the proper mindset and the right tools anyone can succeed in real estate. Juan Patag and Charles Lejano of RE/MAX Capital can attest to this. After working for a bank

Spreading the Spirit of Adventure: The Story of UCM ATV

The adventurer’s spirit has taken hold over many. Everyone is looking for some way to satisfy their wanderlust. Some choose popular travel destinations. For others, they prefer to go off the beaten path – literally. If


How To Be Ready For An Earthquake : Basic Disaster Preparedness

The earthquakes in the past months have (quite literally) shaken us into being more conscious about disaster preparedness. At present, it’s scientifically impossible to predict when  an earthquake will strike. That’s why it’s important to be

Choosing Motherhood: A Tribute To All Moms

As Mother’s Day draws closer, different brands are coming up with all sorts of tributes for the special day. Soon enough, we’ll see our social media feeds fill to the brim with all sorts of tear-jerking,

Show Some Love For Mom This Mother’s Day: 12 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It takes little to make Mom feel appreciated. But why not go the extra mile this year for Mother’s day? Besides, with affordable options that are available on OLX, the smile on your mom’s face will