5 Qualities of a Wise Buyer

5 Qualities of a Wise Buyer

We like to think of ourselves as wise buyers. We hate being ignorant about our buying practices because we deserve the best from our hard-earned money. We make sure that we are never shortchanged and cheated. But how do we know we have the tools that make a wise buyer?

Here are some of the things we’ve gathered when we asked the question: “What are the qualities of a wise buyer?”

1. You have a clear reason behind the purchase.

Whether you need it or you want it is really up to you. But make sure you’ve given it enough time and thought, especially if it’s a big purchase. For example: consider whether it adds value to your life, if it’s a good investment, how long you will be using it, and how much time and effort you’re willing to give to taking care of it. Consider, too, if you really want to make the purchase or if there are other alternatives such as renting or borrowing. In short, ask yourself a few times: Is it really worth it?

2. You can afford the item you’re buying.

It’s a much better feeling when you know that you’ve worked hard enough to afford the item that you’re buying. It also feels great knowing that you wouldn’t have to worry about finding ways to pay money you didn’t have. Take this advice and you’ll thank yourself later for it.

3. You have done enough research on the product and the seller.

Take time to Google items you’re interested in buying to find out whether you’re getting the bang for your buck. Doing this will also teach you the different ways you could use the product in the event that you do buy it. If the prospect gets you excited, take this as a good sign.

Read reviews with specific questions in mind. Sometimes, you would hear stories of shipping problems or problems with the features or the company behind it that might make you think twice.

Researching also allows you to take time to see whether there are better alternatives that might fit your needs. Ask yourself what it is that you really need and compare prices, features, and other things that might be important to you. Only then will you be able to decide whether the product that you want is really the one for you.

4. You’ve checked whether it’s on sale / you haggle.

Be in the lookout for sales and discounts, whether offline or online. If you’re buying it secondhand or through OLX, make sure that you’ve tried to haggle depending on the price. It doesn’t hurt to try!

5. You inspect the item thoroughly, and are confident enough to decline an offer.

Whether it’s second hand or brand new, make sure to inspect the item before parting ways with the seller and with your money. Don’t be shy about declining an offer when it’s not what you expect. You know how much you worked hard for your money and you are entitled to it. If you aren’t sure about the purchase, don’t be afraid to express this as well. Sometimes you need a little bit more time to decide, and that is totally understandable. A wise buyer doesn’t let themselves be shortchanged.

Do you think you possess these qualities? Practice makes perfect. Make sure to apply some of the things you learned here the next time you shop on OLX or elsewhere.

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