7 Weird appliances that are actually awesome

7 Weird appliances that are actually awesome

From the ingenious why-didn’t-I-ever-think-of-that ideas to the super simple household fixes, some home appliances defy expectations. They may seem awkward at first glance and even downright perplexing, but they may actually be brilliant and fun nick knacks that can spice up your home. Here are 7 weird appliances that are actually pretty awesome.

1. Corn kernel cutter


The corn kernel cutter might just look like a metal ring with some handles if you’re not privy to what it does. Put it to good use, however, and you’ve got gold (literally).

Don’t waste a single bit of your precious kernels when you try to cut it off of the cob with a knife. Run the metal ring through the corn and the circular ring cuts the kernels evenly and neatly.

2. Roll ‘N Pour


Have you ever found yourself unable to lift a heavy jug of milk or juice from your counter or, even worse, pour the contents into a teeny tiny glass?

The Roll ‘N Pour might look like a mini plastic thingamajig, but it is actually a very clever and convenient tool to help you pour from gallon jugs without the hassle and spills.

3. Spinning spaghetti fork


It’s always a tricky thing to twirl just the right amount of pasta onto your fork. Some may even argue that it’s impossible (which it is!), but this eccentric fork will do just that.

The spinning spaghetti fork twirls your pasta instantly, making it an ideal children’s companion or for those who are just plain tired of the weird wrist gymnastics required to do it properly.

4. The Go Plate


It looks like a flying saucer, to be honest, but it is actually a pretty neat way of transferring your food, drinks included, from the kitchen to the couch or your dining room.

The Go plate is perfect for a standing party, couch potato sessions, or for parents who need one arm free at all times.

5. BBQ branding iron


Okay, so it may seem a bit evil to brand the cow after it’s already been killed and cooked, but you have to admit it does look fun.

The BBQ branding iron is customizable, with all the letters of the alphabet, so your steak telegrams can be exactly to your liking. 

You may want to get one for your BBQ enthusiast father or boyfriend.

6. The finger fork


The finger fork may look like a makeshift claw (which it could be), but it’s a definite house-party must have.

If you’re serving finger food with your cocktails, might as well use your finger to pick up your food right? Plus, this eliminates the need to have to know which fork belongs to whom since, well, it’ll be on your finger.

7. Ice core beer pitcher


Keep your drinks cold without the hassle of ice shards with the ice core beer pitcher. The pitcher is exactly as its name implies.

The cylinder in the middle is a complex contraption which cools the beer without the need of ice cubes. No more diluted drinks ever again with this one.

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