8 car maintenance tricks you should try

8 car maintenance tricks you should try

1. Fizz filth away


Open a bottle of soda, drink it, then pour some on a towel you can use on your windshield. Yes, you can wipe away dust and grime from your windshield using this drink! Don’t forget to lay a towel below to protect the hood paint.


2. Make your headlights sparkle


Foggy headlights? Bring back the sparkle using your toothpaste! Dab a small amount on a soft cloth and polish that haziness away!


3. Cool solution for dents


Small dents on metal parts like the roof, hood or doors can easily be fixed with dry ice and a hair dryer. Simply set your dryer to medium heat and hold it about 5-7 inches away from the dent for about 1-3 minutes. Afterwards, lay a piece of foil on the surface and apply dry ice to the area. The temperature extremes will cause the dent to pop itself back into place!


4. DIY tire shine


After washing and drying your tires, wipe them down with a little rubbing alcohol then apply castor oil for that gwapo look. You can find castor oil in drugstores.


5. Bye-bye to nasty smell


Your favorite cup of coffee can perk up not just your senses but your car interior as well! If you brew your own coffee, make sure to save those coffee grounds. Gather them up and leave them in your car for an entire day. They’ll soak up nasty odors and leave a nice aroma after.


6. Slick and shiny


Want a shiny car without actually waxing it? Um, yes that can be possible. Mix a cup of kerosene with a pail of water and use the solution to clean your car. As a bonus, rain will roll right off your car’s surface, preventing rust formation.


7. Remove sticky stickers


When it’s time to remove old registration stickers from your windshield, treat the area with a bit of lighter fluid first. The chemicals in it will break down the adhesive bonds, allowing you to peel away with ease.


8. Tip-top shape


Condition leather car seats by wiping it with a small amount of coconut or olive oil. To be safe, spot test a small area first to ensure the oil won’t damage the leather.


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