8 DIY interior design projects on a budget

8 DIY interior design projects on a budget

You might look around your house or apartment and think that it’s definitely time for an upgrade. However, doing renovations and hiring an interior designer might cost time and money that you just can’t spare right now. If that’s the case, then do-it-yourself with these 8 simple home improvement projects.

1. Frame Collage


Image from homedit.com

A large piece of art or an accent wall can change the look of a space instantly. Having a cluster of small pieces to make a bigger whole can have the same effect. Find old frames lying around the house or buy cool vintage ones. Fill them with photos, printouts, gift wrapping paper or magazine cutouts. Then, hang them in any pattern that you like such as a square grid.

Budget: Less than ₱100 for a new frame, multiplied by the number of frames needed


2. Wallpapered Door


Image from inspired-design-uk.co.uk

Wallpaper is usually sold by the square meter, so just buy enough to cover a door. This is best done on a fairly flat door without any intricate designs. To save further, find a large lightweight fabric in a fun print like an old bedsheet. This can be easily attached with cornstarch paste made from a “gawgaw” and water mixture cooked until thick enough to act as glue. Just use a pen knife to cut around existing hardware like the knob, locks and peephole.

Budget: ₱600 for 2 m2 of good wallpaper to cover an average-sized door


3. T-shirt Pillowcases


Image from snapguide.com

It’s sometimes difficult to let go of a few favorite t-shirts. So, give them new life as pillowcases. A t-shirt is particularly a good fit for a throw pillow. Cut a straight line right under the sleeves and a bit above the hem to make a square. Then, sew the open ends shut or use safety pins to close them. Long-sleeved and very long shirts can just be tied back to fit over pillows. The best thing about t-shirt pillowcases is the feel—shirt fabrics are soft and very huggable.

Budget: ₱0 if using old t-shirts, add a bit for thread or pins


4. Cabinet Pulls


Image from blog.builddirect.com

The handles or knobs on cabinets are quite easy to change and can give them an instant makeover. They are often attached with a couple of screws at the back of the cabinet door that can be easily unscrewed. Remember to buy pulls that would match or cover the existing holes on the doors. Those who are craftier can make ones from a variety of objects like kitchen utensils, leather strips and rope.

Budget: Around ₱60 and up for a new cabinet pull, multiplied by the number of pulls needed


5. Chalkboard Paint


Image from designismine.blogspot.com

Paint a small wall, a door or furniture in chalkboard paint and decorate it with chalk drawings. It takes only two coats of paint to achieve a smooth, even surface. Allow the painted area to dry for 24 hours before writing on it. Using liquid chalk markers would also eliminate dust.

Budget: ₱500 for a small bottle of chalkboard paint and a paintbrush


6. Chest Table



Resurrect lola’s baul into a table for your living room. Sandpaper the old varnish off before painting it a fresh new color to update its look. Antique wooden chests can be quite pricey, because they are considered collectibles now. So, just try asking your family and friends for a chest or luggage that they can spare for your project. It not only makes a great centerpiece for any room, but it also doubles as stylish storage.

Budget: About ₱250 for a small can of paint, a paintbrush, and fine grit sandpaper


7. Decorated Mirror


Image from newnise.com

Quickly transform a mirror just by sticking found objects on its frame using a glue gun. You can use fabric flowers, Lego bricks, seashells, broken jewelry, or anything that you have in enough quantity to cover the sides of the mirror. Arrange them in either uniform or random patterns according to what you like.

Budget: ₱600 for a decent glue gun and glue sticks


8. Sarong Curtains



Summer’s over, but don’t put those beach scarves away just yet. Turn those colorful, tie-dyed sarongs into curtains. You don’t even need curtain rings to hang them up, because the scarves have tassels that you can simply tie around the rod. Layer or line them up to create interesting designs for your windows.

Budget: ₱0 for your old scarves