See How Your Ads Are Doing with the New Ad Performance Dashboard

See How Your Ads Are Doing with the New Ad Performance Dashboard

Great news, OLXers: We’re bringing in something new!

What is it?

Now, you can see how your ads are performing anytime after posting them on OLX. With the Ad Performance Dashboard, you can check out how many people are interested in your ads!

What information can I see on the dashboard?

With the dashboard, you will be able to find out your ads’:

  • Free Ad Views – the number of views your ad gets organically from posting on OLX

  • Paid Ad Views – acquired when you purchase any of the Value Added Services through your Manage Accounts page

  • Actual Views – Filtered daily, weekly or monthly

Great! How do I access it?

You may access the Ad Performance Dashboard by logging in, going to your Manage Ads page, and selecting and ad from your active ads. From the drop down options, simply select Ad Performance.

Log in > Manage Ads Page > Select an active Ad > Ad Performance

Oooh! But is it free?

Yes, it is! Anyone who has an OLX account may access their Ad Performance Dashboard.

How updated is the information found in the dashboard?

The dashboard shows information with a 24-hour delay. This is to make sure that all views are accounted for the whole day.

Do note that the system only started recording ad performance since August 22, 2017.


We’re super excited for you to try it out as well.

Visit your account to view it now!