All-new Chat on OLX

All-new Chat on OLX

Have you heard of the latest chat upgrade on OLX? That’s right. After some serious beta testing with a few of our users, the all-new Chat is now available for everyone!

Going social on the all-new Chat

We made chat on the OLX app feel like you’re on a messenger app. After all, we’re a community. We wanted to pull everyone closer.

For one, chat threads are now with people and not on items. Because of this, it’ll be easier to keep track of all your correspondence with someone.

Chat is now also real-time! You can see indicators that let you know if the other person is typing and if they’ve read your message. Yep. Seen-zone is now a possibility (though we don’t recommend putting people there!).

In addition to this, we’ve also added the feature that lets you send your location to someone. Just because, you know, it’s 2017. “Where na u? Here na me,” doesn’t quite cut it anymore.

Finally, you can now send photos and other attachments via chat. Yep. So now, there’s no need to switch to your email.

Before updating

Before you update your app, just take note that only your messages from the last 30 days will be carried over.
So if you haven’t downloaded the all-new app yet, don’t get left out!