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Update your OLX app

To celebrate you, our dear users, and the 10 years you’ve supported OLX, we thought it best to give you a present: our best app update by far.


Smarter, cleaner, and frankly, much better

We’ve changed the whole layout. Now cleaner, crisper, guaranteed to give you what you need, and more. Here are just a few of the new features to look forward to.

Let’s get [more] personal

Log-in through your Facebook and automatically get a profile on OLX. This means easier account log in, ads management, your personalized feed…we could go on forever! Plus, with a face on your ads, trust is easier to build among the community making it a more vibrant marketplace.


Snap and sell

Selling items doesn’t have to be complicated. At least not on our watch. With camera-first posting, selling is as easy as taking a photo, adding in a few important details and voila! You’re on your way to finding your next win-win exchange. Don’t believe us? Well, you better.

We’ve gotten smarter

Confused about what category your item falls under? Not sure what the value of your item is? Hey, we got you. Simply add in the title and the photo of your item and we’ll suggest the category and price for you.


Make more meaningful connections

Go beyond winning transactions: With the improved chat and rate features, connections are made easier and more meaningful. Chat with buyers and sellers in real-time, send file attachments, and rate each other after each transaction.

Hi! I’m Lexi. Nice to meet you! 🙂
I’ll be helping out by giving tips, how-tos, and more. I’m super excited!
Super OLXer
Know more about me
In my spare time, I like selling things to declutter. I realize that there are a lot of things that I don’t really use that others might like. I think of it as a way of paying things forward.

I’m into buying too. Girl’s gotta shop! I honestly think everybody wins from buying secondhand. Big brands get money all the time but when you help another person make a good deal, it’s just so much more satisfying. You save money too! :>

Sure, I was scared of meeting up with people at first but then as long as you stay smart and safe, you’ll be fine. The mutual rating system on the new app is a big help as well.

Anyways, hope to see you guys around! We have social profiles on the app now so I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. 😛

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