At the OLX Tech Literacy Camp: Students share their experience

At the OLX Tech Literacy Camp: Students share their experience

OLX TLC, or Tech Literacy Camp, is an initiative of OLX to enrich the knowledge of public school students of different grade levels on the value technology can give in our increasingly modern world. These were done through free classroom sessions that started in November 2015, and have focused on entrepreneurship–technology being at its core–and explaining how it could be beneficial and practical in growing businesses. Since then, we have visited a total of 12 schools throughout Metro Manila.

The programs for our 3-day camp were designed based on the grade level the students are in, and how technology can be relevant to their lives. For elementary students, we taught the foundations, such as doing hands-on activities with Microsoft Office and photo editing, and teaching them the practical uses of the Internet. For high school students, we shared with them the responsible use of social media, and what role it could play in social entrepreneurship.


The sessions were mainly led by Timmy del Agua, OLX’s Marketing Officer for Communities, with help from our OLX Brand Ambassadors and Roj Aterado, our guest lecturer.


In one of our visits, we took a close look at how the sessions we conducted made an impact on the students.

We asked three student participants, Arvin, Sam and Myka of Mapulang Lupa National High School in Valenzuela, for a quick interview, hoping to explore the ways in which they could apply the lessons in their daily lives.

“I feel relieved and happy because we gained new ideas on earning an income through social media,” said Arvin, after identifying some of the ways they could advertise their business ideas on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But we did not only highlight advertising practices. In the exercises conducted for the students, there was also a large focus on internet security, and avoiding falling prey to various Internet predators. “What I learned from TLC is, first, our identity security. We must not be too confident in giving out information on our social media,” Arvin added.


These lessons could be useful for the students, especially since a lot of their dreams and aspirations involve starting their own businesses. “I want to build a small food business but with an assurance that my business will last in the long run,” said Sam. Meanwhile, Arvin also shared his dream of starting an eatery, saying, “I [admire] with (sic) my uncle who started in humble beginning, and now having a branch of restaurant not only here but in other countries as well. I want to follow that track and be like him.


Ultimately, what they learned was a better sense of responsibility: “We need to be smart individuals. You (TLC) gave me the confidence to strengthen what we have right now, especially that our family has our own small business. I want to utilize it for us to gain more profit, but being careful of every post that I make.” said Myka.


The participants each received a certificate upon completing the Tech Literacy Camp. As a surprise, we also donated 5 laptops to the school as we hope for them to continue learning the benefits of using technology.


Asked about what they will miss most, “I will miss the food!” Myka chuckles.

What I will miss after this seminar are first, the people who taught us and second, memories that we have cherished during lecture.” Sam added.


“I want to thank OLX because they gave us opportunity and inspiration to seek and discover what you want to do in your life,” Sam concluded.

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