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How to do a social media detox

Social media addiction is real. Just like addiction to junk food, we consume social media because it makes us feel good. But this positive effect lasts only a short while, so we crave it again and

The ideal workspace for optimum productivity

When it comes to powering through the work week, people have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves. Some people fuel themselves with loads of coffee to conquer the Monday blues, while others swear by putting

Eco-friendly hobbies you can do without setting foot outdoors

When we think of doing something environmentally friendly, images of trees, soil, and gardens come to mind. This is because many of the environmental hobbies we encounter involve going outdoors. Biking, trekking, gardening all require nature

Gelli Victor talks about the #Naksperience of being a new mom

One of the most important skills you gain while managing a household is finding good quality products while keeping well within your budget. All moms encounter this daily challenge, including radio personality and host Gelli Victor. As

Bahayanihan ba ang hanap mo?

Get ready for the chance of a lifetime! The project that will create a big difference in your life is about to knock on your door. OLX has always made sure to be the best at creating win-win

Big family, small space: Making condo-dwelling work for your growing bunch

Living in a condo or apartment has a lot of perks. Upkeep and cleaning is easier than in large houses. Buildings are usually located in convenient areas where everything is within reach. Your property might also