How to Look Like a Beauty Queen For Less

How to Look Like a Beauty Queen For Less

It’s that time of the year again when a group of glamorous women grace our screens and make us daydream about living the high life. Let’s be real, though: not all of us can be beauty queens. That doesn’t mean we can’t look and feel fabulous. There are many ways you can look like a beauty queen without breaking the bank.

While part of what makes beauty queens is the sheer amount of training and primping they have to do, there are also some more attainable lifestyle changes we can make to look like them. Who knows? Maybe one day you can strut your stuff on the runway too.


When it comes to clothes, simple is better

When a woman joins a pageant, it’s a given that she has more wardrobe choices than the average woman. She has to pick out several dresses—including the long gown—and several swimsuits aside from “day-to-day” clothes (which, frankly, are items that most people wouldn’t wear on a daily basis).

They’re able to do this because they have hordes of designers clamoring to work with them. Fret not, though, because there are other ways to dress just as well—and it all starts with picking out the basics.

For your everyday clothes, you can take a plain white shirt and jeans to the next level by adding some jewelry (just don’t go overboard). Top off the look with a good pair of heels and you’re ready to go.

Another upscale casual item are white jeans with almost any top. You can wear sneakers or heels and you could still look like an A-lister.

For fancier outings, black dresses are your friends. You just have to pick a reliable one then add accessories as needed. Style your hair into gentle waves or a sleek updo and you will turn heads during your next night out.


Get that inner glow

Another part of looking good is feeling good. For beauty queens, this means intense workouts and specialized nutrition plans to tighten and tone their bodies. Since most schedules and budgets don’t allow for this, some alternative solutions can work just as well.

Get off on the right foot by changing your diet. Get rid of your alcohol stash. The extra calories in just tiny amounts mean you literally have to go the extra mile to burn it off. Replace it with water and lots of it. You’ll also want to stop eating fried food to avoid the extra fats.

Instead, eat more fruits, vegetables, and protein. Fruits and vegetables give you the necessary vitamins and minerals while packing you with antioxidants so your skin glows. Protein, on the other hand, helps you build muscle and keeps you energized for a longer period of time compared to sugars.

The next thing is to modify your workouts to shred fat and increase strength. If you want to work with weights, you should focus on technique rather than resistance or repetitions. Another alternative is to get on a mat and do some yoga, which can work just as well as weights in increasing muscle definition (and building mental strength at the same time!). Add some cardio for conditioning and you’ll build a beauty queen’s body in no time.

Do you have your own tips on looking like a beauty queen for less? Share with us in the comments below! 🙂