Biliba promo winners share stories behind their #BilibMoment

Biliba promo winners share stories behind their #BilibMoment

After having received hundreds of #BilibMoment entries, OLX has chosen its 3 winners on January 16, 2015, Saturday. The three winners, namely, Ivan Joshua Cortez Maglanque (@vanzkie16), Analiza E. Sanchez (@azilana01), and Melissa Naomi Legara (@misai.legara) have all shared exceptional stories of their ‘wins’ in life, proving that diskarte and passion can take us far.


Below are their winning entries and the stories behind their #BilibMoments:

Giving back

Way back when I was a kid my family didnt have much to spend due to hardships. Growing up and going to a public school taught me how to be a strong and independent person that I am today. When the time I started working and was able to saved a little bit I went to a remote school in the mountain of our province where my dad went in his elementary days and gave back with the help of my parents, friends and love ones. We started with 20 children and grew up to more than 150 happy faces over the past consecutive years. I wanted to share to the youth that no matter how hard life can be there is always hope because there are people that will help them to reach their goals in life. It is never to late to help someone, it doesnt matter how many they are the most important thing is that you helped. Trust me no matter how small you give they will appreciate it and they will give back a happy and smiling face. 😊 Confidently @olxph with a #Biliba heart. This is my #bilibmoment 👍

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Ivan Maglanque is a 26-year-old from Argao, in the southern part of Cebu. His story is one of giving back. Having been from a family whose business experienced an unexpected loss, he had to transfer to a public school in his hometown.

This experience sparked something in Ivan, after having gone through some drastic changes in his life.

When his family started regaining their financial losses, Ivan decided that it was time to give back. He took this as an opportunity to visit a small school in their province and start helping out children through summer programs he and his friends would facilitate.

The message he wanted to show through his #BilibMoment is one of hope. He says when asked about giving an advice: “Wag susuko. Kung may problema, may solusyon… Hindi kahirapan yung hindrance, kailangan lang gumawa ng paraan para umasenso ka at magawa mo ang gusto mong gawin sa buhay.”

Sharing happiness

All my life I’ve been dreaming of something that could make my father happy. When my mother died last 12 years ago, my father did his best to stand as a father and a mother to me and to my siblings. As an eldest, I saw and witnessed all his struggles in life. I could not forget the moment that I saw him crying all alone while holding a little amount of money which I know that was not enough to buy foods for the whole weekend. Every night I knelt down and asked God for my father’s happiness because I never see him happy since my mom died. I did my best and finished my studies and promised to myself that one day I will surely make my father happy. To make my story short, I found a job here in Cebu and got the oppurtunity to fulfill my promise. I brought my father here in Cebu. Last December 26, 2015 was my wedding and he walks with me on the aisle to my groom. I’m so happy seeing my father smiling again. Making my father happy is my most bilib moment. I am a proud daughter. #Biliba #BilibMoment A photo posted by OLX Philippines (@olxph) on

Analiza Sanchez is a 25-year-old from Banilad, Cebu. Her #BilibMoment is inspired by her father, or whom she fondly calls her “lucky charm”.

Analiza is originally from Zamboanga del Norte. When her mother died when she was younger, she made a promise to herself that she will do her best to make her father happy again. She later finds a job in Cebu, where she brought her father to live with her.

Last December, Analiza married her fiance. Her #BilibMoment was when she saw her father happy, walking her down the aisle. Having achieved something she promised through hard work, and with great admiration and love her her father, she is proud to say of her goals: “Wag mawalan ng pag asa, kung para sayo para sayo talaga.”

Reaping the benefits of patience

One of the things that could make me proud of and a successful investments I had made, is this – MY BUSINESS. I started from scratch, where I used to resell clothes from other clothing lines and posted it on now and (that was 3 years ago) and when I had enough money to have my own line, I started to invest.. slowly but surely 😊 at first I only have 30pcs of shirts and now on my 3rd year in this business.. I had sold almost thousands of them.. thanks to this kind of site because it help me reach this far.. and eventhough I am already earning in our store, I am still using my favorite @olxph to sell my items and still, it clicks!! I am a proud member of this and I will continue to patronized this kind of application which could help lots of people to buy and sell their things in an easy and convenient way. #BILIBA #BILIBMOMENT

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Melissa Naomi Legara is a 24-year-old from Talisay City, Cebu. She shares of her #BilibMoment: “I chose a photo about my business kase it started talaga sa Doon ako talaga naka-ambag ng money. Tapos ngayon malaki na ang business ko, at kahit malaki na ang business ko OLX user pa din ako, nag-buy and sell pa din ako doon.”

Melissa only had a few pieces in her t-shirt inventory, but eventually expanded to having her own store in the city. All this started when she stumbles upon OLX when searching for phones online. Inspired to start her own business and selling online herself, she found herself quickly getting a lot of inquiries she did not all at once expect.

On her advice for entrepreneurial aspirants: “Patience is a virtue. Hintay lang ng hintay at darating din yan. Yung mga problema natin meron talagang solusyon.”


The winners were awarded in Fuente Circle, Cebu City. Each received their own Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and VIP passes to the Grand Parade in the Cebu Grandstand held last Sunday.