#BU12xOLX Fashion Bloggers On Finding Your Own Style

#BU12xOLX Fashion Bloggers On Finding Your Own Style

We hung out with some of our favorite fashion bloggers at Bloggers United 12 to get to know more  about their personal styles, and what they think about the relationship between fashion and confidence.

Fashion is everywhere every day. Without knowing it, each of us has expressed ourselves with our choices of color, cut, and shoes to match. But a closer look at our bloggers’ perspectives had us examine the ways we show our creativity, and the way being comfortable in our clothes could bring in more confidence to face everyday life.

So without further ado, here are some of the best advice we’ve gotten from 10 fashion bloggers at Bloggers United 12.

Lifestyle aficionado Rhea Bue like clothes that she can easily move around in, complementing her chill and very streetstyle personality.

On looking for a personal style, Rhea Bue says, “Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try on different clothes! If it boosts your confidence, then maybe it’s for you.”

Fashion Bloggers Kat Valdez, Vina Guerrero and Rhea Bue

Vina Guerrero, on the other hand, is very fond of blacks, whites and greys because she feels that it fits her “aesthetic.”

Kat Valdez’s personal style is more classy. On what inspires her, Kat says that she likes being able to express herself differently every day. She does not stick to one style, but rather, keeping things versatile is what works best for her. “Get some inspiration, and just keep trying stuff on!” she says.

Fashion blogger Chin Chin Obcena

Chin Chin Obcena is a little more on the playful side, her outfits being more colorful and pastel because it’s lively just like her. Her advice for people looking to change up their style is to “Work on different styles, until you find what’s comfortable. Fashion should make you feel confident and more comfortable about yourself.”

Blogger Mikki Galang

For Mikki Galang, who is also a makeup junkie, the key is to get to know your body and your face very well. Once you know them at heart, you’re freer to get more creative and you open up opportunities for self-expression. As a trans woman, Mikki also thinks that wearing feminine colors also helps her make a statement at the same time.

Fashion Bloggers Cha Ocampo and Mike Miguel

Cha Ocampo, once hailed as the “queen of black” loves the color because she believes that it symbolizes boldness and versatility.

For Mike Miguel, his everyday outfits depend mostly on his mood, which changes a lot — just like his personality. “It is important to stay true to yourself. [Your style] doesn’t have to be the biggest or the loudest, it just has to be you.”

Fashion bloggers Aisa Ipac and Ana Gonzales

When we asked Aisa Ipac if her style reflects her personality, she gave a more ambivalent answer: “Yes and no. Because I can look more demure but I’m always more loud. But yes because I tend to stick to more vintage outfits. It’s what I love.”

Ana Gonzales, whose style she describes as “more simple and more relatable” also gave a comforting advice: “As you grow older your personality also changes, so as long as it’s you at the moment and you’re comfortable with it, it’s okay to change your style.”

Much like how the fashion bloggers gave varied answers to what their styles represent and how to build confidence through fashion, it’s safe to say that fashion could mean differently for everyone. The great thing about it is that it is one’s own, so the best thing is to have fun with it!

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