A teamwork approach to family budgeting: Grace’s #Bahayanihan story

Our latest Bahayanihan is inspired by another diskarte story. With a focus on family love and perseverance, Grace Benedicto of Quezon City recounts her family’s struggles and the ways they’ve survived them. “Medyo mahirap ang buhay namin

The trials of making a home out of a house: Anthony’s #Bahayanihan story

We would often look back at our childhood as a place of comfort. Responsibilities were minimal, and it only took the simplest ways to make us happy. But as we grew older, we became aware of

When love is bigger than the struggle: Adrian’s #Bahayanihan story of resilience

It is often easy to forget how little it takes to achieve happiness when we are overwhelmed by the stresses of surviving daily life, coupled with the anxiety caused by our seemingly infinite desires. Adrian Guanzon,

Stronger together: The story of Mary Ann and her family #Bahayanihan

Togetherness is often invaluable to the Filipino family. We prefer sticking together through the highs and lows, even if it entails sacrificing a little more than what we’re used to. There seems to be nothing more

Hope and hard work against all odds: The Eliseo and Genesis story #Bahayanihan

It’s really incredible where life can take us simply by not giving up. Not giving up, though, is never quite as simple. Our Bahayanihan recipients from Laguna, Eliseo Roquero, 53, and his son Genesis, 23, know

June Locus: Tinkerer, Father, OLXer #Bahayanihan

June Locus, a 35-year old family man from Ibaan, Batangas thought he was just about to meet up with a buyer when his life began to change through a once in a lifetime opportunity. As an OLX