Only 1 Car Ad Can Be Posted For Free Per Month

On the week of May 8, 2017, the Cars Category will undergo a change in how free ad slots work: Once the free ad slot is used, it cannot be used for another ad for 29 days. Deleting

Update For OLX Car Dealers: New Prices and Posting Options

As car sales in the Philippines continue to increase, we are updating our services and pricing in the Cars Category. This is to maintain the quality and sustainability of the premium services OLX provides to its

Price Decrease for Mobile Phones and Accessories + Free Ad Slots Adjustment

In an effort to better cater to business sellers, OLX has lowered the price of ad slots and Ad-Posting Packages in the Mobile Phones and Accessories category. This is so they can sell more while paying

Removal of Smart Pricing for Paid Limits

We have recently removed the Smart Pricing for paid limits (when you’ve used up all your free ad slots) and have set flat fees for different categories regardless of the price of the item being sold.   Why did

Of Art and Passion with Egg Fiasco and Kayo Cosio: Unveiling the OLX Office Mural

Last January, an OLX office mural entitled “Pull” was uncovered to celebrate 2017 with vibrancy. It is in commemoration of OLX’s 10 years in existence, and a welcoming of a new chapter for the #1 buy

OLX Website Gets an Upgrade

We’re kicking off the first quarter of 2017 with an OLX website upgrade! Below is a handy guide on the changes that we implemented in this update.   A fresh, new look The new OLX website features a clean and fresh