Bloggers United 12 Highlights & #BU12xOLX Contest Winners

Last weekend, we joined some of the top fashion bloggers in the country as they opened their closets to shoppers and their beloved followers at Bloggers United 12. In case you missed all the fun and

#BU12xOLX Fashion Bloggers On Finding Your Own Style

We hung out with some of our favorite fashion bloggers at Bloggers United 12 to get to know more  about their personal styles, and what they think about the relationship between fashion and confidence. Fashion is everywhere

What’s for sale? Bloggers show preloved clothes for sale at #BU12xOLX

Oh my! Looks like your favorite fashion bloggers are now rolling up their sleeves in preparation for Bloggers United 12! In a few days, we’ll be sharing with you all the exciting things we’ve got in

Bloggers United 12 – Shop From Top Fashion Bloggers in the Philippines!

Christmas isn’t the only thing fashion lovers can look forward to this month. That’s right. We’re talking about Bloggers United 12. On December 10, 2016, the most stylish and fashionable bloggers come together for a huge shopping

The Drive to Win Together: OLX at Toyofest 2016

Blocking lanes just to cut in queue. Swerving into another lane without signalling. Refusing to yield. These are just some of the horror stories of the nightmarish Metro Manila traffic. However, some motorists choose to take the high

To Latch On Each Other: OLX and Hakab NA! 2016

Hakab. A Filipino word meaning to “latch on” as a child would to its mother. The child spends most of its early life relying on the mother. In time, the child grows and perhaps becomes a parent