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Millennial Men are Bigger Online Shoppers, Research Shows

While it’s common to think that females are the bigger shoppers both online and offline, the recent statistics from OLX Data Hub surprisingly show otherwise. In the research, OLX reveals that more Filipino men prefer to

What is a Naksperience?

There are many things worth celebrating. Buying your first car, going on your first trip, moving into a new home, adding to your prized collection, learning a new skill…we find joy in unlocking small solutions that

Yaman Pulse: A peek at Cebu’s consumer electronic purchases

Earlier we showed you a quick look at some of Manila’s trends in consumer electronics. But of course, we wouldn’t be leaving out our Cebu counterpart where a slight difference may surprise you. Here are some

Yaman Pulse: A peek at Manila’s consumer electronic purchases

We took a quick peek at what’s happening in the OLX marketplace. The OLX marketplace is a vibrant platform which we think is a good reflection of Filipinos’ consumer behaviors (biases aside, of course). And with

Everybody wins: How the OLX marketplace works

Hey, there, OLXer. You’ve probably been selling your stuff on OLX for awhile now. By now, you may have also noticed a few changes as part of our continuous efforts towards the best online buy and sell

What Filipinos are buying on OLX

In the OLX.ph headquarters, we come across plenty of extraordinary facts as we get to know more about our local users and country everyday. Recently, we analyzed the number of items purchased per region in the