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Job Hunting Tips: What To Do While Looking For Work

It’s job hunting season. If you’re reading this, you’re probably about to graduate from college. Or maybe you’re planning the next phase of your career. Either way, you’re probably excited to start a new chapter in your life. Being

The Friends You Meet in College — And The Graduation Gifts to Get Them

College life — whether it’s been 3, 4, or even 10 years — is an experience no one would want to forget. Part of that is because of the friends you’ve made along the way, and

Of Art and Passion with Egg Fiasco and Kayo Cosio: Unveiling the OLX Office Mural

Last January, an OLX office mural entitled “Pull” was uncovered to celebrate 2017 with vibrancy. It is in commemoration of OLX’s 10 years in existence, and a welcoming of a new chapter for the #1 buy

Top 10 Things to Sell on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is just within Cupid’s aim! In a few days, hearts will fly and love will bloom. Whether you’re planning a nice romantic date with your loved one, spending the day with friends, or just spending

How to Look Like a Beauty Queen For Less

It’s that time of the year again when a group of glamorous women grace our screens and make us daydream about living the high life. Let’s be real, though: not all of us can be beauty

On Being Confidently Beautiful With A Heart

Just two years ago, a woman said she was “confidently beautiful with a heart.”  That woman was Pia Wurtzbach, the first Filipina to win the title of Miss Universe in 4 decades (Margie Moran won in 1973,