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7 Tips For Commuters On How To Stay Cool And Look Fresh

Commuting in Metro Manila can be a nightmare. But don't let that ruin your day! Here are ways to stay cool and fresh during your commute.

How To Be Ready For An Earthquake : Basic Disaster Preparedness

The earthquakes in the past months have (quite literally) shaken us into being more conscious about disaster preparedness. At present, it’s scientifically impossible to predict when  an earthquake will strike. That’s why it’s important to be

Top 10 Things to Sell on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is just within Cupid’s aim! In a few days, hearts will fly and love will bloom. Whether you’re planning a nice romantic date with your loved one, spending the day with friends, or just spending

Purge 2017: Declutter your Home Post-Holidays!

Just as the holidays are coming to a close, you realize that you’ve had way too much fun receiving gifts and shopping with your Christmas bonus. You have piles of gifts you haven’t sorted out, mountains

Save or Splurge? How to Look Your Best This Season!

You know it’s time to take out that sparkly dress and get in the Christmas spirit when holiday party invites start to pop up. Question now is: have you been good or bad this year? Whether

New moms need to kick back too—here are some ways

There’s a common (and overplayed) trope of the frazzled new mom. She’s the one with a manic look from sleep deprivation and stress associated with caring for newborns. A lot of the times, frazzled moms are