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RE/MAX Capital: Seizing Opportunities In The Real Estate Industry

No matter what your background, with the proper mindset and the right tools anyone can succeed in real estate. Juan Patag and Charles Lejano of RE/MAX Capital can attest to this. After working for a bank

Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

In 2016, we’ve seen the comeback of off-shoulder tops and white sneakers, and a new batch of creative memes, to name a few. With the internet becoming the biggest consumer influence, it’s hard to keep track

5 Ways to style your bookcase

If you’re like me, then you’re bookcase is probably littered with papers, and all manner of junk items, not to mention your treasured collection of books. Before the New Year begins, make sure to show some

Your spring cleaning to-do list this quarter-year

Surely, there are little things at home that has needed your attention from the beginning of the year. These little things, these household vows or resolutions (“I swear I’ll have that fixed next week,” or “I’ll

Big family, small space: Making condo-dwelling work for your growing bunch

Living in a condo or apartment has a lot of perks. Upkeep and cleaning is easier than in large houses. Buildings are usually located in convenient areas where everything is within reach. Your property might also

10 quirky home accents under ₱200

Sometimes, all it takes is one good accent piece to amp up your room’s décor. Set aside P200 and choose from these 10 design ideas: 1. Wall stickers Also known as wall decals, the good quality ones can