Activities You Can Do for Your Next Bonding with Family

With the pressures of work or school, it’s tough to spend quality time with one’s family. And with the difference in interests between members of the family, it can be quite difficult to arrange a bonding

Summer Beach Essentials Under Php 200 On OLX

It’s been one blazing summer so far and it’s not over yet. With 4 weeks left in the summer season, you still have a chance to get some fun under the sun. In case you haven’t

The Introvert’s Journey: Why Introverts Should Travel

Introversion and travel don’t often appear in the same sentence. More often than not, people associate being an introvert to being a homebody. In general, introverts tend to love staying in, maybe to read a good

Visita Iglesia: What To Bring On Your Modern Pilgrimage

As Holy Week draws near, so too does the time for Visita Iglesia. Roman Catholics all over the Philippines will celebrate a time called Holy Week. During Holy Week, some engage in a practice of visiting several

Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

Although it’s hard to tell what the world comes up with next, we ran a list of things we think will be #trending this 2017.

Plan Your 2017 With Our Philippine Holidays, Festivals and Long Weekend Calendar

Have you started planning your travel itinmerary for 2017? If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to discover more places here in the Philippines, we’re here to help! We prepared a quick calendar for you on the 2017 Philippine