Cebu Auto Show 2018: What to Expect (and What to Get Excited About)

Cebu Auto Show 2018: What to Expect (and What to Get Excited About)

This month, the biggest automotive event in Visayas will rock the region. The 11th Cebu Auto Show (CAS), which is organized by Worldbex Services International, has a treat for every type of car enthusiast.

If you’re looking for a new vehicle, check out the newest vehicles and the display of the current automotive trends through 44 booths of car and motorcycle brands, as well as auto parts and accessories sellers. With the theme “Work and Play,” CAS is emphasizing the reasons people buy cars in the first place: to have a ride every day and to use it for leisure. The rise of transport network vehicles is also giving birth to a new market, so the biggest motor show in the Queen City of the South aims to answer fresh needs.

Fancy classic cars or diecast toys?

The Custom and Classic Competition, meanwhile, is putting the spotlight on rides vying for the top spot in 21 categories. Some of the categories are Best Race-Inspired, Best in Show, Best Model, Best Lighting Display, Best Interior, Best in Classic, and Best in Body Kit. Get ideas from the contestants’ automobiles; they hail from different parts of the region.

Diecast car toy lovers can ogle the best pieces from the Diecast Car Collectors of the Philippines and the Cebu Diecast Car Collectors during the swap meet. The sports cars and motorbikes you aspire for are in the Mountain Wing, waiting to be photographed and Instagrammed.

Cebu Auto Show 2018 - Sky Hall

Freebies await you

After going around the various booths, drop by the OLX lounge to get a free eco bag. You can also take part in the games and win prizes. OLX Philippines, the largest buy and sell website in the country, is an official partner of Worldbex Services International at CAS 2018.

“It is a delight to have an international company and premier online buy-and-sell platform OLX onboard as a partner for CAS. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of auto trade presentation in the Visayas region,” noted JR Ang, Worldbex Services International’s marketing director.

“We at OLX are pleased to work with Worldbex Services International, a leading exhibition and events company that has been staging motor shows in Manila and Cebu for years. It’s exciting to be part of the biggest car show in the region, where the automotive market is vibrant,” said OLX Philippines’ general manager Raffy Montemayor. “On the OLX platform, around 3,000 auto listings are posted per month in Cebu. We’re glad to be present in Cebu alongside a valuable partner.”

So mark your calendars: September 14 to 16, 2018. Venue is SM Seaside Sky Hall. Doors open at 10am. You have until 8pm to go around the show floor, and to join the fun games at the OLX lounge. Admission is free. See you there!