12 Days of OLX-mas: 7 Gift Ideas For Your Artsy Friends

12 Days of OLX-mas: 7 Gift Ideas For Your Artsy Friends

Christmas gift shopping for someone who’s overflowing with creativity can be intimidating. After scouring OLX, we came up with a list of gift ideas for your artsy friends; gifts that can either inspire them or appeal to their artistic, creative nature.

7. Iron-On Patches

Iron on Patches - 12 Days of Christmas for Artsy Friends
Your creative friends will surely have fun expressing themselves with these iron-on patches. You can get them statement patches, or go for the cute icons they can put on their shirts, pants or even bags. The best thing about it? They get reminded of you every time they wear them. 🙂


6. Pencil Case

Pencil Case - Gift Ideas for Artsy Friends
A creative person usually doesn’t go anywhere without a pen (or two). Sure, we can take note of ideas on our phones, but nothing beats the feeling of actually writing something down, especially if it’s a really good idea. Arm them with a cute, handy pencil case they can fill with all sorts of pens and pencils.


5. Prisma Premier Colored Pencil 72’s

Prisma Premier Colored Pencils 72s Sealed - Gift Ideas for Artsy Friends
Speaking of pencils, this set of colored pencils will never go out of style. They’re the adult equivalent of crayons. We’re sure your artsy friends would love to get these pencils in all sorts of colors.


4. Adult Coloring Book

Who said only kids can enjoy a good ol’ coloring book? Not anymore! We think your artsy friends will never get tried of busying themselves with these coloring books, especially if you also get them the set of colored pencils. *wink wink*


3. Calligraphy set

Calligraphy Set - Gift Ideas for Artsy Friends
If your arsty friends are just starting with their art or passion for the written word, they would love this calligraphy set. This gift might even convince them to design your next party invitation. Hah!


2. Sketchbooks

Sketch Books - Gifts for Artsy Friends
A sketchbook is a must-have for anyone creative or artistic. It’s where they can unleash their artistic talents, so it better be of good quality. Thankfully, there are a lot of options to choose from so you can pick something that matches your artsy friend’s personality or taste.


1. Artbooks

Artbooks - Gift Ideas for Artsy Friends
This is the ultimate gift idea for your friends, especially those who have yet to define their artistic vision. These artbooks are packed with inspiration and stunning visuals, which is why they are must-haves for all creatives.

Hopefully, our artsy gift list helped you pick out a gift for your friends. If you’re looking for something else, check out the Arts and Crafts section on OLX. Have fun shopping!