12 Days of OLX-mas: 11 Gift Ideas For Your Fitness Pals

12 Days of OLX-mas: 11 Gift Ideas For Your Fitness Pals

Do you have friends who prioritize their fitness? Did they put “gains” on their holiday wishlist  or are they thinking of shedding off some weight for health reasons? For Day 11 of the 12 Days of OLX-mas, we give you gift ideas for your fitness pals.

In general, we can’t exactly give the gift of health and fitness directly to people. However, we think we can do the next best thing: get them exercise gear that’ll motivate them to work out. As a result, we’ve put together a list of what we think are the most practical items to get when it comes to your fitness buff loved ones.

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11.  Workout clothes


Whether it’s calisthenics, weight-lifting, or sports, it’s important to wear clothes that are comfy and dry. You wouldn’t want to friend’s workout to get ruined by a really damp shirt after all.


10.  Cross training shoes


Good shoes can help take workouts further. As you can deduce from the name, cross training shoes give your friend plenty of flexibility in terms of training options. Regardless of whether your friend is a long-time fitness junkie who needs a replacement or a newbie who’s never really worked out before, everyone needs good shoes.

9. Gym bag

If your friend regularly goes to a gym for their workouts, you’ll want to get them a gym bag if they don’t have one yet. Besides having a lot of room, a gym bag (also called a duffel bag) would let your friend move around without getting their sweat on their bag.


8. Exercise mat


An exercise mat lets you do all sorts of body-weight workouts like push-ups which hit the pectorals, the triceps, and the core depending on the grip. The exercise mat serves as a cushion in case your friend fails a rep. For this reason, your friend would be able to push themselves further. In addition, the cushion also helps when doing most core workouts like crunches, Russian twists, and leg raises.


7. Ab wheel roller

The ab wheel roller works out a person’s core like crazy.  Additionally, you can get the exercise mat along with this which would save them in case they collapse while working out.


6. Pull up bar


The pull up bar hits almost all parts of your upper body. You can stick the pull up bar on a door and do pull ups. Depending on the grip, you hit the pectorals, the biceps, the shoulders, the deltoids, and the lats. Alternatively, you can put it on the floor and use it as a grip for your push ups.

5. Hand wraps


Recently, combat sports like boxing and Muay Thai have been very popular recently. Obviously, if your friend wants to get into it, you should get them a pair of hand wraps.

4. Standing punching bag


In connection with the last item, a standing punching bag provides great motivation for the combat sports enthusiast. You can put this almost anywhere because you don’t need to hang it from something. Coupled with the hand wraps, there’s plenty of cardio fun to be had with this item.

3. Speed ladder


Aside from providing great cardio workouts, exercises on a speed ladder develop an important skill in many sports: good footwork.  Particularly, it helps in sports that require a lot of mobility. As an example, we can turn to basketball and all its maneuvering around the court.

2. Battle ropes


If your friend has a lot of space at home and a floor with nice padding, you can get them a battle rope. Besides providing serious cardio workouts, battle ropes are great for working your core. In this case, battle rope workouts force you to keep a tight core while making the ropes move.

1. Kettlebell


Many cross-fit routines use the kettlebell. Consequently, it’s also seen a surge in popularity as a personal workout tool. Comparatively similar to the dumbbell, the kettle bell is for simple-weightlifting. Ranging from very light to very heavy, one can easily mix things up with them. Alternatively, you can just get dumb bells.

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Happy Christmas shopping!