12 Days of OLX-mas: 6 Gift Ideas For Your Officemates

12 Days of OLX-mas: 6 Gift Ideas For Your Officemates

Christmas is the season of giving. This is the time when we’re all in the mood to buy gifts for our loved ones, friends and even officemates. If you participated in this year’s Kris Kringle, Monito-Monita, or exchange gift activities at the office, chances are, you picked the name of someone you don’t know personally¬†or barely mingle with. Don’t fret! We’re here to help you find that perfect and practical gift for your officemate, whoever they may be.

6. Cute Water Bottle

Gift Ideas for your Officemates Cute Water Bottles
No one can resist the cuteness of these water bottles. You may even encourage your officemate to drink more water every day. Check out all the designs available!



5. USB Tower Fan

Gift Ideas for your Officemates USB Tower Fan
Do you have a colleague who’s always hot and bothered or usually goes on OT, till your office’s A/C is already turned off? Help them keep their cool with this USB Tower Fan!




4. Animal Memo Pad

Gift Ideas for your Officemates Animal Memo Pad
A memo or note pad is a must-have on any office desk. These memo pads aren’t just practical buys for when one needs to take notes or list their to-do’s for the day, but they can also help brighten someone’s day. Tip: Get the design that matches your officemate’s personality for bonus points.



3. Cute Neck Pillows

Gift Ideas for your Officemates Cute Neck Pillows
No, these neck pillows are not meant to encourage your officemates to sleep at their desks (though some companies allow quick naps at work). They can use these neck pillows when they want to rest their head after hours of sitting straight and staring at their computer screens. They can even bring them when they travel.



2. Multifunctional Desk Clock

Gift Ideas for your Officemates Multifunctional Desk Clock
This is the ideal gift for your multitasker officemate. This desk clock doesn’t just tell time, but can also hold pens, and keep paper clips and other small office stuff organized.



1. Self Stirring Mug

Gift Ideas for your Officemates Self Stirring Mug
For the coffee lover and busy bee in the office, this self-stirring mug is the ultimate gift. It keeps their coffee well-stirred while they focus on the important tasks at hand.

We hope this gift list has helped you pick out a gift for your officemates. If what you’re looking for is not on the list, we’re sure you’ll find something perfect for your officemate on OLX!