Big Family, Small Space: Condo-Dwelling For Your Growing Bunch

Big Family, Small Space: Condo-Dwelling For Your Growing Bunch

Living in a condo or apartment has a lot of perks. Upkeep and cleaning is easier than in large houses. Buildings are usually located in convenient areas where everything is within reach. Your property might also come with additional perks like security, facilities and maintenance. Nonetheless, for all these benefits you have to trade something important for a growing family—space. Know how you can make the most out of your small home with these tips.


Find space-saving furniture and use vertical storage


You don’t need separate bedrooms for your children when you can have them share bunk beds. This will also help them bond and become closer to their siblings. You can also find furniture with dual purposes like sofas with storage or collapsible tables that can transform from a study desk to a full-sized dining table. Space-saving doesn’t necessarily mean small furniture either. You can still get a queen-sized bed with drawers underneath instead of getting an additional cabinet for your room.

Hanging cabinets and tall shelves offer storage that take up less floor space than drawers and dresser. You might need a step stool to access items, so reserve the highest shelves for things you don’t often need. Be sure to lock cabinets and take precautions so your kids don’t climb them.



Avoid unnecessary devices


If you live in a house with a lot of rooms, a garage or an attic, then you can find places to store items. But in a condo, it would be impractical to have a barbecue grill or a large dryer. This applies best to kitchen devices like rice cookers or blenders that may seem small, but still take up cupboard space. You can easily just cook rice on the stovetop or buy a portable blender. Take inventory of your pots, pans, dishes and utensils and see if your family can live on a smaller set of cooking and dining ware.


Cut down on possessions


You don’t need three bicycles at home when your kids could just share a foldable one or rent bikes at the park. A home entertainment system that takes up half of your living room can easily be replaced with one flatscreen TV that can play media from a flashdrive. You not only get to save up for more important expenses, but your family is also not as distracted by material things.


Opt for minimalist decor


Luxurious interior design that includes multiple pieces of furniture, lavish decor and lots of knick-knacks is best for large houses. One large accent piece and a few neccessary items can still make a small room quite stylish without looking bare. It’s also more kid-friendly, because you don’t have to be afraid of them stumbling onto furniture or knocking over vases.


Make use of amenities


At their most basic, condo properties would have shared common areas that all residents can use. Instead of a backyard, you can let your kids play at the pool, clubhouse, gardens, courts or play room. You don’t have to keep them in your small unit the whole day. Also, find parks or fields nearby that you can visit for free.




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