Cosmetics make a big comeback on OLX!

Cosmetics make a big comeback on OLX!

Great news for health and beauty fans! Cosmetics are returning on OLX — which means makeup hunting is made even more fun (is it even possible?) and affordable through every day win-win exchanges!

If you are interested in selling lippies, primers, moisturizers, hair treatments, and other similar products on OLX, here’s a quick guide on how to get you started and what to remember when posting ads.

To start, see the list of items you are allowed and not allowed to sell on OLX:


On another note, check out some tips to get you to sell your products faster and most effectively!

Research on the products you're selling

Remember to search for similar products on OLX or elsewhere to gauge a reasonable price.

Include important details

Describe your product in detail so buyers know what they can expect right away! Consider placing the features, conditions, dimensions, shades and others!

Take clear and recognizable photos
A good photo of your product could definitely take you places! For make-up: Include photos of the product once applied. Make sure to also include the different shades available. For beauty products: Take photos of the packaging to assure good condition.

Be honest

Nobody likes being caught off-guard! Be open and honest about your products. Answer additional questions, and you’ve got a ways to go!

Ready to make your big break in the cosmetics world? Your journey starts here: sell your item now.

For questions and clarifications, feel free to send an email to or call us at 02576-9591 / 0920-658-1707.

Happy selling!