Under The Hood Of Fatherhood: Dads and Their Cars

Under The Hood Of Fatherhood: Dads and Their Cars

Here’s an interesting ice-breaker question: “If you were a car, what would you be and why?” What a person answers can say a lot about them. Do they value speed? Gas efficiency? Ride comfort? Our dads are no exception to this.

This Father’s Day, we thought we’d tinker around with the idea of “What if your dad was a car?”  After all, if one’s choice of car reflected values then what sort of values did our dads instill in us?

So without further ado, here are what our dads would be if they were cars:


The Practical Dad

What is a car but a vehicle that takes you from Point A to Point B safely? For some, a car is simply another mode of transportation. For the practical dad, function comes before anything else. While some people treat the car as a status symbol, these dads just want you to travel safely and comfortably.

We imagine this type of dad to be the one who’s a bit more on the humble side. Picture the dad that comes home from work, day in and day out, without ever making a big deal out of it. Need help with your assignments? He’ll do what he can. Going to the prom? He’ll drive you to the mall and help you buy some nice clothes for you (or even help you find one on OLX).

This dad would be your average subcompact like the Toyota Vios or the Honda City. Gets the job done and does it well. Nothing too fancy. For many people, this is their first car. But that doesn’t make them any less special. After all, it’s not the car but the memories you make with it. In the same way, even if your dad is your average Juan, your memories with him aren’t any less valuable. No matter how simple, you can proudly say “This is my dad. There are many dads like him, but this one’s mine.”


The Flashy Dad

Some people like to get the job done. Others prefer to get the job done with style. Do things well and you’ll be the center of attention. These people don’t shun the spotlight. Instead, these people crave it. When you’re such a person, your car should show it off too.

We imagine this dad to be a snazzy dresser. This dad dresses so sharply, he could land on the cover of a magazine. Your friends will probably tell you, “That’s your dad? No way. He’s too cool.”

If this type of dad was a car, he would be of the premium variety. Maybe a luxury SUV like a BMW X6 or a sportscar like a Lamborghini Huracan. Cars like these don’t just get you from one point to another. They get you from one place to another while turning heads along the way. Cars like these make the drabbest parking lots look like fancy showrooms. Sure, vanity has its price. Getting a premium car costs more than getting a regular one like how fancy clothes cost more than regular threads. But then what’s life without a little spice?


The Executive Dad

While driving can be fun, it can also be a chore. Endless traffic. Bumpy roads. The stress of parallel parking. Sometimes a car can feel like a prison. Some people don’t want driving to be like that. The joys of driving have to be preserved. Driving should be smooth, comfy, even elegant.

Classy. Charming. Debonair. A little mysterious. Words that describe the next type of dad. We imagine this dad to be a slick businessman, rubbing elbows with society’s elites or a self-made VIP of power. This dad probably gets his sense of style from James Bond (or maybe he is James Bond?). Who knows what sort of work this dad’s up to? One thing’s for sure: he knows how to fit a suit.

Without question, this dad would be an executive sedan or a sports coupe. Think of the smooth contours of the Honda Accord or the Toyota Camry. Imagine the elegant power exuded by the Hyundai Genesis or the BMW 330Ci. Something that can make a dreary drive through EDSA feel like a first-class flight. But don’t let their smoothness fool you. Remember how the international man of mystery can take out would-be assassins without even wrinkling his suit? Underneath those quiet, insulated hoods lie beastly engines ready to let it rip.


The Rugged Dad

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Some people are not afraid to get their hands dirty and rough it up. A little (or a lot) of mud and grime shouldn’t stop anyone from the adventure of a lifetime. Life is best lived hardcore. When you take on life, you take it by the horns.

We imagine this dad to be someone who’s seen his share of the world. Maybe he explores different parts of the globe. Perhaps he has an intense drive to go off the beaten path. A man of extremities. For this person, life is best lived on the edge. But like any father, he cares for his children and so he shares his wanderlust with them. Maybe even a little thrill-seeking. While some fathers keep their children away from heights, this dad takes them skydiving.

For men who like it rough, they need machines that can match them. Pickups and SUVs fit this description perfectly. While a sedan would sink in the mud, a pickup like the Ford Ranger would drive by with impunity. They do fine on roads, but they’re made to withstand more.

While a smaller car would fear off road, the Mitsubishi Montero Sport is perfect for an off-road family adventure. Rough terrain and irregular landscapes bring out the best in these cars. Some dads think the best teacher is the school of hard knocks. These cars embody that ideal through their practical resilience and fortitude.


The Classic Dad

In a rapidly evolving world, we tend to disregard the old ways. While some believe in “out with the old, in with the new,” some see the wisdom of what is timeless. The world might laugh at people like these for not getting with the times. However, they know that there is value to be found in the tried and tested.

Does anyone still read the newspaper these days? We imagine this dad does. He reads the newspaper while drinking coffee he brewed himself. Instead of taking everything down on a smartphone, he has his trusty pen and paper. While everyone else is listening to digital, he listens to Frank Sinatra and John Coltrane on his vinyl record player. This dad knows that while there are plenty of trends, he sticks to the things that work for him. He’s not close-minded. He just knows what he wants.

Dads like these can best be compared to vintage cars. Living testaments to a legacy of the automotive industry zeal like the Mitsubishi Lancer Box Type or the Toyota Starlet.  Who could forget the iconic Volkswagen Beetle? They might not be the fastest, the flashiest, the strongest, or the most practical. Some would call them relics of a past age. While there can be truth in that, they’re still here so they can impart their lessons on us. Like the Nick Joaquin novel, it takes courage to be a bastion of tradition. In a world of impatience, vanity, luxury, and unsustainability, they say “Contra mundum!”


Cars and Dads

Do you see your dad in any of these types? Maybe you see him in more than one type. If there are hybrid cars, maybe there are hybrid types of dads too. Or maybe he’s none of these. Maybe your dad is in a class on his own.

No matter which way you see him, every dad definitely has huge responsibilities. American baseball player Wade Boggs once said, “Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.” This means being a dad entails so much more than simply having children.

Balancing things like career, personal life, and the growth and wellbeing of his family, every dad has to be a well-oiled machine. Every car is a miraculous conflation of years of engineering and design. In the same way, every great dad is also a wonderful result of years of experiences, values, and lessons.

So, do you see your dad in any of these? Did we miss something? Tell us about your dads in the comments! We’d love to hear your stories.



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