Purge 2017: Declutter your Home Post-Holidays!

Purge 2017: Declutter your Home Post-Holidays!

Just as the holidays are coming to a close, you realize that you’ve had way too much fun receiving gifts and shopping with your Christmas bonus. You have piles of gifts you haven’t sorted out, mountains of new purchases you haven’t quite placed, and not a lot of available space. Not really a good start for the year, eh? A great idea would be to declutter your home!

It’s been a week, but it’s not too late to get to work! Here are 4 things you can do to declutter your home and start the year more organized, just about the right time to feel fresh and take on the world.


Decluttering Your Home Tip #1: Sell the extras

1. Sell the extras

The best thing to do is to sell them in a yard sale — or of course, on OLX. You can find great value for items you don’t know what to do with, especially online where people are always looking. Sell them for a slightly lower price than its mall price and you’ll surely have a number of customers lined up. You can also start selling the old items you can now replace with the new ones you just got so as to avoid doubles and duplicates. Secondhand items at great discounts are always a hit on OLX.

And voila! Surprise money for the new year to make up for all your holiday splurging.


Decluttering Your Home Tip #2: Segregate your gifts

2. Segregate your gifts.

It’s unavoidable to get some stuff you already have or don’t really want. It doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate the gesture. The good thing is, you can always donate these gifts to someone who actually needs them! And there are also a lot of organizations where you can drop items off so someone in need can use them.

It would be a great idea to segregate the new stuff into three categories: keep, donate, or return. Keep the stuff you need, donate the stuff you have no use for, and return some of the stuff that don’t fit you and you might just get store credits or a refund.


Decluttering Your Home Tip #3: Don't get tempted to splurge on after-Christmas Sale

3. Don’t get tempted to splurge on after-Christmas sale.

Malls usually hold large sales after the holidays. While it’s tempting to go on yet another shopping spree, take note that you might have just gotten some new items recently. Think about how much space you got in your closet and in your home, and the money you can save in the long run. Don’t fall into it!


Decluttering Your Home Tip #4: Label Everything

4. Label everything.

Done segregating? Start labeling! You’ll feel a lot more organized when you remember where you’ve placed everything. Especially with new items, things can get pretty confusing when it’s the first time you’ve put them aside. Save time and effort from looking for stuff by labeling your cabinets, your boxes, and keeping everything in place all the time.

We hope you’ll find our quick decluttering tips useful so you’ll be ready to face 2017 and all the great things this year has in store for you.