Drew Arellano on his #Naksperience of being a triathlete, how to stay inspired and inspire others

Drew Arellano on his #Naksperience of being a triathlete, how to stay inspired and inspire others

Any serious triathlete knows that with enough use, bikes and other equipment eventually wear and tear. Wearing out bicycle parts is just a sign of how hard you ride. Actor and travel host Drew Arellano is absolutely no stranger to this.

In Drew’s eight years of joining triathlons all over the world, his bikes have seen more than just a few makeovers. It can be a costly endeavour. But for Drew, the swim-bike-run lifestyle is worth it. Two years ago in an interview with The Bull Runner, he talked about triathlons like they were his personal life coaches. “Triathlon steers me to the right direction in life; conditions me to have the proper dedication, perseverance, discipline, time management, among others.”

Since all of these still rings true for him, and in return for the life lessons they give him, Drew takes good care of his bikes. To make the costs manageable, Drew uses OLX. As a seller and a buyer, it’s a place where he can pass on his old gears and parts to people who need it, while he earns money to keep his bikes in top shape. Because of how easy it is to use, Drew even refers items he finds on OLX to his fellow cyclists. “I don’t really need to recommend [it] ‘cos I think everyone uses OLX already.”

Drew has joined Iron Man races in West Australia, Langkawi, and the Philippines, as well as running marathons all around the globe. It’s a hobby he doesn’t just do for himself. “It gives me an opportunity to inspire other people to get up, move, and live a healthier lifestyle.” With that as your goal, you definitely need to be at the very top of your game. With the help of his #Naksperiences of fair, profitable exchanges on OLX, Drew gets to the finish line every time.