The Drive to Win Together: OLX at Toyofest 2016

The Drive to Win Together: OLX at Toyofest 2016


Blocking lanes just to cut in queue. Swerving into another lane without signalling. Refusing to yield. These are just some of the horror stories of the nightmarish Metro Manila traffic. However, some motorists choose to take the high road and advocate for better.

OLX is a platform for buying and selling cars, parts, and accessories. Because of this, OLX is in a good position to help bring the community together.

For the past year, OLX has been building relationships with members of the automotive community. In March 2015, OLX took part in a Honda Jazz Club of the Philippines event. OLX has also joined Rev Up! The UP Diliman Motorshow for the past two years.

Recently, OLX was part of the third leg of Toyofest 2016. After the first two legs in Clark, Pampanga on May 14 and Cebu City on June 18, Toyofest 2016 came to a close for its culminating event in Mckinley West, Taguig on August 6.

At Toyofest, motorists come together and share their tips and best practices. They exchange techniques for getting the most mileage out of their beloved cars and discuss what parts contribute best to a car’s performance and aesthetic and where to get them.

It’s in these events that sometimes car owners would help each other out. They would recommend the most reliable parts and accessories. After this, they would even make referrals and exchanges through OLX. Motorists don’t have to shell out a lot of money for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, nor should they take risks with unknown third party brands. Instead, they can rely on the advice of their peers. They can guide them to the best parts and accessories for their needs.

The event also featured talks on road safety and how to be a responsible motorist so that we can make the roads safer not just for fellow motorists but also for pedestrians.

Changes to transportation infrastructure are probably going to take a while. For now, we can all do our part to make things a little easier for each other. Instead of the day-to-day diskarte where it’s every motorist for themselves, we can have motorists finding all sorts of ways to win together.

Check out the video below for the highlights of the events:

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