Being Driven: Success in Real Estate Through Property24 & OLX

Being Driven: Success in Real Estate Through Property24 & OLX

Lubar and his team first met on the now defunct forum section of Sulit. Six years later, Driven Marketing Group, their brainchild, proves itself to be a force to be reckoned with in the real estate industry in the Philippines.

Boasting sales that grow exponentially year after year, Lubar’s story can be a real source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere. Thanks to his humble beginnings, his unwavering drive, and the help of OLX and Property24 — his vision turned into a now 112-license broker-strong company. Driven, in its 6th year, now makes win-win stories possible every day.

“When we started Driven Marketing Group, I was telling my partners and the first batch of brokers that online marketing is the thing of the future and the future is now,” Lubar says. By trusting his gut, Lubar set out to offer his company as the premier online marketers for property developers. And with so much potential for revenue in the industry, his success was inevitable.

Lubar’s secret is simple:

“Clarity with your dreams and aspirations would be the key. If your vision and your dreams are clear with you, everything will follow. You just have to be clear with what you want, where you want to go, and how you would want to do it,” Lubar advises.

But to Lubar, this is only the beginning. Hoping to one day be a player in property development, he set his eyes on bringing Driven to greater heights. And with his drive, we’re certain he’s going to get there.

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