Of Art and Passion with Egg Fiasco and Kayo Cosio: Unveiling the OLX Office Mural

Of Art and Passion with Egg Fiasco and Kayo Cosio: Unveiling the OLX Office Mural

Last January, an OLX office mural entitled “Pull” was uncovered to celebrate 2017 with vibrancy. It is in commemoration of OLX’s 10 years in existence, and a welcoming of a new chapter for the #1 buy and sell community in the Philippines. Team members gathered to unveil the much anticipated mural art of Egg Fiasco, a renowned artist known for his work in Bonifacio Global City among many others.

We interviewed Egg to give us a glimpse of his creative process, his inspirations, the story behind “Pull”, and his passion for his work.

Egg Fiasco

Egg has been doing mural art full-time for 8-10 years. He first came to Manila to study Fine Arts. Let’s get to know the man behind OLX’s new masterpiece.

  1. What kind of satisfaction do you get in painting murals?

Doing your work on this big scale is very challenging. It requires a lot of time and just as much effort. Mentally, emotionally, and physically… You have to be ready in all the areas. So to pull it off? It is very satisfying as an artist!

  1. Could you name artists who you consider as your influences?

Boris Vallejo, Os Gemeos from Brazil, Robert Williams. There are lots of street artists and graffiti artists that I follow. Heavy metal illustrators, and some tattoo artists too.

  1.  What themes did you have in mind prior to painting “Pull” and how did these evolve during the process?

I usually paint things that inspire me in that moment or whatever stirs my interest, or collaborate with other people’s ideas and visualize it into my own style of work. This is what we did with OLX. It’s outside what I usually do, but we managed to make a very Filipino mural for a Great Filipino company. And it’s still in my style. During the process, we met with different members of the OLX team and we tried to capture the ideas they were feeding us, but also their culture, their attitude, and their demeanor. We wanted all those to come out in the mural.

BTS - Egg Fiasco and his mural at the OLX office

  1. What is your title of this piece for the OLX employees and users? What do you wish for them to see?

The title is “Pull”. When we shake hands, it’s not just an agreement that we are making, but it’s also a sign of friendship. We’re making each other better by working together. Taking turns to pull each other up to a higher level. Surrounding the central figure are different elements that tell the OLX story over the years. On the left, we have the start: the seed capital, the cursor (representing action), and the fellowship/camaraderie shown with the lechon. And of course the Philippine flag! As we move to the right of the painting, we also move forward in time and see all the other milestones that OLX has pulled us up and into over 10 years.

  1. What kind of advice would you give those who struggle in their own pursuit of their respective passions?

Always learn it the hard way. I think that if you’re struggling during the process, then that is a good thing. Problems create ideas.

Kayo Cosio

We also interviewed Kayo Cosio, Art Director of HoneycombCommunities. Honeycomb is the marketing consultancy behind the mural. In our interview, he talks a little bit about the philosophy and strategy behind what they do as a company.

  1. How did you come up with Honeycomb?

HoneycombCommunities is a marketing consultancy. When I founded the company I was working as an art director, serving over 20 clients monthly. But we’d repeatedly see clients struggle despite having beautiful collaterals, logos, etc. And we realised that it wasn’t enough to simply turn over great looking work to the client. We needed to design the rollout strategies in order to get the messages we were designing in front of the correct people. From there, it was months of not only re-studying marketing, but even anthropology and neuro-finance, which eventually have come to form the “smarts” of our strategies.

  1. What made you focus or come up with events focusing on the arts or murals?

Art has always been a strong part of Honeycomb, with 2 of our 4 founders coming from the design world. But it was in working with one of our clients, Fully Booked, where we rediscovered our love for contemporary and street art. Working with artists like James Jean and Herakut really re-awakened this for us, especially when Hera (the woman in Herakut) started feeding the idea that murals were something that we should be doing.

  1. Was the arts always been passion for most of your employees in Honeycomb?

Definitely! There’s an obsession with beauty, but also — and more importantly — with people. And so it was always important not to just be doing art for art’s sake, but rather to have projects that the public can really connect to, interact with, and be inspired by.

  1. Do you have any OLX story that you would like to share with us that was able to help Honeycomb?

I do! Back in 2014, when we were planning the inaugural ArtBGC Mural Festival in Bonifacio Global City, it was near impossible to find the manlifts necessary to scale and paint these massive walls. Even our contacts in high-end construction couldn’t source the equipment for us. I took to OLX.ph and was able to find the equipment we needed there. Then, during the festival, one of the artists said that he really needed scaffolding. We OLX-ed it again from our mobile phones and ordered scaffolding that was installed within the day. Come to think of it, we actually used the same scaffolding supplier for Egg Fiasco’s Philippine Deer mural in BGC too!

  1. What message do you have for people who want to pursue a career on their passion with the arts?

Make sure you have a voice and that people will look at a work and know instantly that it’s you who made it. Don’t just paint “whatever the client wants” because the work should always be identifiably yours. You’re not a carpenter following a blueprint. You’re an artist! You’re being hired to tell the client what will look beautiful, so make sure that you’re the one making that call. That’s why they chose you!

Egg and Kayo’s stories spoke of something OLX has always supported: passion to do great things. With “Pull,” OLX members are constantly reminded of finding meaning in the work that we do, and our appreciation for the community that always has our back: the Filipino people. Without the support of such a community, we would have never made it to 10 years. In return, we would like to continue moving forward the best way we can, with passion in our hearts.

We hope to translate this passion to something tangible for the members of the OLX community. We do this by finding the best ways to create more win-win exchanges, and reminding everyone that we could always pull each other up.