Moving In: Essential Pieces Of Furniture For Your New Condo

Moving In: Essential Pieces Of Furniture For Your New Condo

If you’re reading this, then you must be planning out your new home. Condominiums are great options for young people who are just starting out on their own. It must be an exciting time for you! You must already be planning how to turn your condo into the perfect home. However, don’t go too crazy with buying furniture. After all, you’re just starting out. Before you start spending on home improvement, make sure you have the essentials down first.

Inspired by the minimalism movement, we made this list on the bare essentials of any living space. After all, while there are spacious condos, you might not have a lot of space at first. With that, make sure you have the following in your new unit:


Something To Sleep On

To start off, you need something to sleep on. Some people make do with sleeping with nothing more than a sleeping mat or banig on the floor. However, we don’t recommend this because besides being very uncomfortable, it’s terrible for your posture.

At the very least, you can have a mattress on the floor. Make sure that it’s a mattress that’s meant for floors. A mattress meant for a bed frame placed on a floor might not handle dust and mildew well. Many floor mattresses can normally be folded or rolled up so you can save space.

A step up would be to have a bed. This means having a bed frame and a mattress. A headboard isn’t necessary unless you like to sit up and read on the bed. Alternatively, you can place your bed beside a wall. Just be careful because of how you sit up because the bed might slide if you put too much weight. If you’re planning to get a bed, consider getting a bunk bed. Besides serving as an extra bed in case you have a guest, you can use it as a space for things. Some beds will have a pull out bed and drawers. However, if you really want to save space, get a wall bed (aka pull down bed and fold-down bed). Being able to hide a bed can help you maximize your unit’s space throughout the day.

Alternatively, sofas can serve as beds while being a place to sit during the day. Just make sure your body can lie completely flat on it to protect your posture. You wouldn’t want to wake up sore or with a stiff neck. A pillow can help you get your neck in a comfortable position. Try to get an orthopedic pillow. Some are even designed for people who sleep on their side.

Remember, a good night’s sleep is a right, not a privilege.


Something To Eat On

Whether you’re your own chef or you rely on convenience stores for food, you will need a surface to eat on. A dining table doesn’t necessarily have to be large. It can be as small as a laptop table for everyday meals in bed or you can put it down on the floor and eat Japanese-style sitting in seiza or Indian-style by sitting cross-legged. A floor pillow can help you be more comfortable when sitting like this.

If you’re not comfortable with sitting on the floor, you should get a regular table for dining. From the humble folding table to multipurpose desks, almost any sort of table will do.

To save on space, you can have your dining table also be your worktable in case your work follows you home. Just make sure it’s sturdy enough to support whatever materials you work with, be it a laptop or any other tool.


Something to Store Your Clothes In

While there’s nothing wrong with having one’s clothes lying around the condo, there are plenty of practical reasons not to. For one, it would be easier to lose track of things in the mess. Besides this, it might be difficult to have guests over. This is why it’s essential to have a way to store your clothes.

Your clothes storage will largely depend on the types of clothes you own. Shirts, jeans, and jackets can be stored in simple containers like plastic boxes or trunks (We recommend folding the clothes). For dressier items like button-down shirts, dresses or coats, it would be better to hang these in closets. This is to help prevent wrinkles and creases on these types of clothes.

For the closet, there are a variety of options. If you’re on a budget, consider portable or collapsible closets and cabinets. They function as a storage for your clothes while being lightweight and easy to carry. The drawback is they can’t carry as many clothes.

If you have many clothes, it would be better to get a heavy duty closet or cabinet made of sturdy material. Make sure it has a rod for your hangers. Another advantage to this type of closet or cabinet is you can attach hooks so you can hang more items.


Something To Store Your Belongings In

One of the most fun parts of moving in is realizing how many things you own. If you find yourself with too many things, consider selling your unused items on OLX. Once you have all the things you are sure you need, you’re going to need to store safely.

When it comes to storage, you should first secure your important documents. While a safe would be ideal, you can settle for a drawer with a lock if you’re on a budget. What’s important is you secure these documents from theft, fire, and flood. You can also use this to store emergency cash.

Everything else depends on the items themselves. Shelves can hold all sorts of items like books, toys, and stationery. For small items you can carry, you can use boxes, plastic containers, metal containers, trunks, chests, drawers, or cabinets. You can use partitions or dividers to help separate these objects. It’s just a matter of finding what fits both your space and your budget.

That about covers the essential furniture for any space. There might be more depending on the person. Use your judgment on what these things might be for you. When in doubt, always remember the basics. Your home is your shelter. It is a space you want to be safe and comfortable in. Before getting a piece of furniture, ask yourself if it makes your quality of life at home better. If it does, ask yourself if the increased quality of life is worth its price.

In our next article, we’ll be discussing what are the essential appliances for a new condo. Look forward to that!