What It Takes To Be A Father: A Tribute To Every Dad

What It Takes To Be A Father: A Tribute To Every Dad

As the year continues on, we find ourselves once again celebrating Father’s Day. This day is dedicated to all the father figures in our lives and we tend to celebrate them differently. Perhaps some of us dine out with the entire family, or we simply call our dads to greet them. As long as we get to express our appreciation for how our fathers have helped nurture us, then anything is fine.

Often when it comes to fatherhood, we associate it with dad jokes and goofs. But what does it really mean to be a father? And how have fathers influenced us as individuals?

Well, here at OLX, to commemorate this day, we answer these questions by featuring three people from our office and asking them about their fathers, about what it means to be a father, and everything in between.


What It Means To Be a Father

One of the greatest sacrifices a father makes is providing for his family. Like a lot of people, Brand Marketing Officer Timmy del Agua has a father who provided for his family by working abroad.

She recalls how she’d only see her dad only once a year as he worked in Saudi Arabia. Her dad didn’t go home for his own birthday or for Christmas so it was special when he was around.

This absence, she says, is why one of her fondest memories with her dad is anytime they’re out eating together. No matter how many relatives come over, something feels missing if her dad isn’t there.

Maraming tao sa bahay. Pero hindi kumpleto. Kasi wala si tatay.” She even mentions that the happiest day of her life was when her father retired, because as she said, “palagi na kaming kumpletong kakain.”

But being a father means more than being a provider. Timmy sees her dad as a platform because she sees him as someone who elevates her. Without the things he’s done for her, she believes she wouldn’t be where she is now. According to Timmy, she gained independence, leadership ability, and decision-making skills, from her dad.

As the children grow up to become more competent and independent, the roles begin to reverse. Timmy, believes it’s now time for her to repay the sacrifices he made for them.


On A Father’s Sacrifice

To be a father means to sacrifice a lot of things. And Senior Business Intelligence Developer Edward Daniel II knows that, being a father of two himself. Fatherhood means having to let go of a lot of things, Edward says.

As most dads serve as providers in their families, they bear huge responsibilities on their shoulders. “Your family comes first before yourself,” Edward says.

He mentions that fatherhood is a choice and it is also a responsibility. This means being able to give the basic necessities while nurturing the growth of your children. On top of this, it means providing them the necessary tools to help them, most especially once they’ve grown up. A father’s sacrifice begins and revolves around the act of giving.

A father also will have to sacrifice their own desires to supervise how their children live their life. Edward mentions the vast difference between him and his father’s way of doing things. Although they may be different in methods, he says they still managed to get the same results.

There is no formula to fatherhood, after all, he says. He believes that fathers and, in fact, any parent is only a guide, a guardian. They aren’t the ones who should be doing everything for their children. He lets his children learn in their own ways, but what’s important to Edward is that they learn.

As mentioned before, a father’s sacrifice begins and revolves around the act of giving. It means giving oneself up for the family. It also means learning to give one’s kids the freedom to make their own choices.


Lessons as Fathers, Lessons from Fathers

Fatherhood is an experience that teaches. It’s no wonder that fathers have so much wisdom to share as fatherhood is one big lesson for dads themselves. For Operations Engineering Technical Head Arpee Ong, his relationship with his father, as well as being a father himself, are valuable lessons in his life.

Before becoming a father, Arpee remembers having a complicated relationship with his own dad. Not being very close to him during his school years, he and his dad only started to develop a closeness of sorts once he, himself, became a father.

Because of this, Arpee finally felt like his father has become his father. Not in the conventional sense of the word, but in how his father feels like a friend to him. Because he can go to him and ask for advice on family life, his father became more of a father to him.

Like Edward, Arpee believes that once someone becomes a father, he is no longer the center of his world. His actions are no longer for himself alone. To be able to support his family, he must be able to care for all of their needs. This is where the greatest lesson Arpee learned from his dad and it has served him well through the years.

“Talent can be faked,” his father said to him. “But grit and perseverance, that’s what’s really important.” So far, Arpee says this advice has never failed him. Everything Arpee has had his eyes on, he has managed to conquer through grit and perseverance. Everything he has ever achieved is not attributed to an intangible, innate attribute of himself. He credits everything to grit and perseverance. This is why he can be the dad he is today.


Pillars of a Home

Haligi ng tahanan.” (Pillars of a home) This is what we call them. Though most of us have dads unique to our own families, all dads share something similar. They are able to sacrifice, to be providers, and are molded from perseverance. Pillars of the home truly make for an appropriate metaphor for them.

So, Happy Father’s Day to the Pillars of our Homes! In a world as tumultuous as ours, yours are the safest arms to be in.

Through all these stories we’ve encountered about dads, one thing is for sure: fathers also feel. So, we hope for this day, you’ll be able to feel the appreciation and love we all have for you. 🙂

Editor’s Note: This article was produced by the team of Mikee Sevilla, Marri Cagande, and Julianne Angeles. The 3 are interns under the OLX Content Team.