Feng Shui Your Home For a Lucky 2018

Feng Shui Your Home For a Lucky 2018

We welcome the Year of the Dog as we officially celebrate Chinese New Year this weekend. If you’re curious to know what small changes you can do at home to bring as much luck in, OLX and Property24 listed down some Feng Shui tips to incorporate into your space in 2018.

Year of the Wood Dog – What Does It Mean?

According to Feng Shui experts, with wood being the predominant luck-bringer, businesses that involve ‘earth’ such as real estate, construction, and agriculture will be prosperous this year. But as it goes, earth being the predominant element also means that there will be a lot of opportunities that will come — but not a lot of staying. So if you’re expecting some sort of stagnation or stability, this might not be the best year for that.

How to bring luck in to your home

If you’re looking to redecorate your home, remember two important elements that should help you decide on your next design: water and wood. Water is to combat the negative energy, and wood to bring more positive energy.

How to redesign with ‘Water’

The color blue, for example, represents water well. So add more blue into your home. They don’t need to be big purchases such as a new sofa or the repainting of your entire house: they could be in simpler items such as throw pillows, carpets, plates and curtains.

You could also literally bring more water into your home if you have the budget. You can add a small fountain into your living room, mirrors, or images of water.

How to redesign with ‘Wood’

Wood brings in the energy related to growth, expansion and vitality. This means that wood will help you in times that you feel like you are no longer learning, when you want to grow your career or business further, or when you wish to be healthier both physically and mentally.

Of course, the color green and the color brown represent wood the best. Try incorporating more plants that grow upward–the taller it is, the better.

You may also add green pillows, brown rugs, and images of forests to different parts of your home such as your office or your bedroom.

How Else to Bring Luck Into Your Life

You may also choose to bring more greens, blues, and browns into your closet for extra luck!

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