Get Smarter With These 6 Fraud Prevention Tips

Get Smarter With These 6 Fraud Prevention Tips

It pays to be vigilant online. While the Internet is indeed a blessing in terms of making things available for us, it’s also a place to practice caution. Getting scammed is totally avoidable, so make sure you have the right tools to keep yourself from becoming a victim. It’s always good to take some practices by heart. Here are things you should remember to avoid when buying and selling things online.

WHAT TO DO INSTEAD: If you know the company’s name, or even just the product being advertised, it’s always a good call to Google it first. A quick search will help you find out if there have been reported scams before. It also informs you if the company seems a bit sketchy.


WHAT TO DO INSTEAD: Ask a lot of questions. Ask about the details of the item, any specifications, its condition until you are satisfied. Legitimate sellers would likely entertain these questions with confidence.


WHAT TO DO INSTEAD: Do more background checks by asking more information about the product, such as their reason for selling, or why the item is priced too low.


Be wary of sellers who are also getting a little too friendly before your meet up. Just to be safe, as they might be getting hints on your personal information.

WHAT TO DO INSTEAD: Give certain details only when absolutely necessary. Just be careful about giving too much out.


Certain emails can look legitimate, so be extra vigilant when clicking links and downloading attachments. They might even pose as your bank.

WHAT TO DO INSTEAD: You could always check the url and the email address of the sender and do a quick search on Google.


WHAT TO DO INSTEAD: If there’s no other way to send your payments, the safest way is to do it through bank transfer. This way, you could track whose account you’re sending the money to. Avoid paying through remittances, because these are almost impossible to track.

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