Only 1 Car Ad Can Be Posted For Free Per Month

Only 1 Car Ad Can Be Posted For Free Per Month

On the week of May 8, 2017, the Cars Category will undergo a change in how free ad slots work:

  • Once the free ad slot is used, it cannot be used for another ad for 29 days.
  • Deleting or archiving the free ad will not make it available and still consume your free ad slot for the month.
  • This means you can only post 1 car for free every month.

Through this, all car dealers have to purchase ad slots relative to their capacity to sell cars. With so many people buying and selling cars on OLX, we want to give all car dealers a fair chance at exposure.

For car dealers who want to sell more than one car per month, you can contact our Sales Team using the details below to avail of our dealer packages.

For people selling their preloved cars, there’s no need to worry as OLX still provides one (1)¬†free ad slot for the category.