Activities You Can Do for Your Next Bonding with Family

Activities You Can Do for Your Next Bonding with Family

With the pressures of work or school, it’s tough to spend quality time with one’s family. And with the difference in interests between members of the family, it can be quite difficult to arrange a bonding session with the family.

In today’s modern society, adults spend most of their time drowning in work or being stuck in traffic. Meanwhile, their children shuttle from classes to extracurricular activities, to social occasions. And then there’s all that time spent glued to our mobile phones.

That’s why it’s important to find time for family and catch up. With the little time we can give in quantity, we can give in quality. So, here are great ideas you can do in your next bonding with family.


Play a Sport

For all the adrenaline junkies out there, this is your chance to get the whole family in on your interest. Playing sports is the perfect way to bring people closer while burning unnecessary calories.

Depending on the sport, there’s much for both kids and older family members can learn.  For individual sports, the whole family can develop confidence and deeper bonds with each other through a shared interest. Meanwhile, team sports can teach kids about sharing and teamwork. On the other hand, older family members practice communicating and perseverance.

There are so many sports to pick out there, so you won’t have trouble finding one that suits your family. Ballgames like football, basketball, and volleyball tend to be popular over the summer, and there are classes out there for all of them and for any age. If you really can’t pick, we have a quiz that can help you decide.

If you really want to level up your family’s look, why not use a uniform? You can even wear the same shoes if that’s your thing.


Start a Creative Project

Are you a family of writers? Performers? Artists? If so, you should consider channeling or developing those talents by working on a project together. The experience of working together for a shared goal can be like playing a sport, but more focused.

Imagine harnessing everyone’s talents to create something like a sculpture, a musical, or even a short film. You wouldn’t even have to showcase it if you prefer. The important thing is going through the process together and enjoying the fruits of your efforts.

Get all your art supplies like paint and plaster, clay, or canvas. For stage productions, you can go the whole nine yards by getting curtains, props, and costumes. For films, you’ll definitely need a camera that can take videos. This will be a fun little activity that can help develop skills for both you and your family.


Immerse Yourself In Another Culture or Environment

Traveling over the holidays is a classic. During weekends and holidays, parts of the metro feel almost abandoned since most people have gone on family outings.

Instead of just visiting a place and taking selfies, take the extra step by really experiencing the local flavor. Check out local markets for a real taste of your destination at a cheaper price than many restaurants, and try to visit local attractions. You can even ask locals for recommendations if you’re feeling adventurous.

Still, it wouldn’t be a real vacation if you didn’t take some pictures as mementos. You can use your phone or get a good camera. There are point-and-shoot cameras that are reliable for these excursions because of their lightness and compactness.

For trips abroad, do your research ahead of time and dress accordingly.

However, if you’d rather stay close to home, you don’t have to look far because there are still tons of options around Metro Manila. Take a food trip to try great hole-in-the-walls or walk through historical spots.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, especially if you plan on walking a while. Pack a water too to stay hydrated. With this family activity idea, bonding with family has never been more educational.

In the end, whatever it is you decide to do, as long as it is with your family then it would be a guaranteed success. Sometimes, all it takes to have a good time isn’t any crazy activities but good people. So, as long as you’re with family it’s sure to be a good time.