Gearing up for the best summer outing photos

Gearing up for the best summer outing photos

With 7,107 islands making up this archipelago, we really ought to explore more of our country in the summer. There are tons of islands, sandbars, waterfalls, mountains, rivers, and springs to escape to, and even more colorful towns and fiestas to immerse yourself in. With all the potentially wonderful experiences one can have in this country alone, it’s definitely worth investing in the right gear for taking photos.Thanks to technology, you don’t need to lug around heavy equipment like tripods or lenses just to get Instagram-worthy shots since smartphones have upped their game in the camera department. It’s also worth mentioning that these tools won’t cost you your entire month’s sweldo!

Check out our list below for some of the best, budget-friendly tools for documenting all your summer adventures.




Love it or hate it, the monopod, or the selfie stick is a pretty useful tool to have on you. They’re especially useful for people who own action cameras like GoPros or the Xiaomi Yi, since these cameras are so tiny. They’re also great for taking group photos, since the extra length lets you prop the camera high enough to let everyone fit into the picture without having to ask a random kuya to take your photo.

Perhaps, the best piece of advice we can give to monopod owners is to watch out where you’re pointing that thing, lest you take someone’s eye out with your selfie stick.

Waterproof case


Whether it’s for your phone or your camera, a waterproof case is essential for any island hopper and waterfall-seeker. Waterproof cases come as generic cases for most phones and cameras, or as specialized ones for just one specific model so you definitely have options. Don’t even dare take the risk of wading into calm waters at beach. You might regret it!



The GorillaPod isn’t your regular, run of the mill tripod. It’s a small tripod for cameras and phones that has the ability to twist and turn in all directions, meaning you don’t necessarily need to find a flat surface for it. You can prop it up on a table, hang it from a tree, or even attach it to a moving object. Though, the last part is your call!

Phone lens


Your phone camera’s lens is already pretty advanced compared to smartphones of previous years, yet it can still only go so far. Enter attachable, clipable lenses to your smartphone camera and now you have the ability to shoot in fisheye, telephoto, and even macro. Olloclip has a 4-in-1 lens that you can clip to your phone which includes a fisheye, wide angle, 10x and 15x macro option.

The wide angle is definitely a solid investment for those who like taking group photos and landscapes!

Xiaomi Yi


Let’s face it, as fun as it is to have a GoPro, not everyone can afford it. Thankfully, Xiaomi has released a pretty hefty contender. The Yi camera comes in almost half the price and is stocked with some pretty comparable features. The camera quality is just as good as the GoPro’s and the cute colors it comes in makes it even more attractive. The Yi is great for taking underwater photos and shooting some breathtaking timelapses.

Instax camera


In a time of instant, shareable, and digital photos, the feeling of holding a single copy of a photo in your hands is something else entirely. That’s the beauty of Instax and Polaroid cameras, which have really made a comeback in recent years. For people who are really sentimental, these cameras are the best way to capture every summer adventure. At the end of the trip, you can collect all your photos and stick them up a wall to always remind you of all the fun you had.

Phone bike mount


Whether it’s biking through some rough terrain on your mountain bike or cycling along the sleepy towns of your province, a phone bike mount lets you take photos and videos of the scenery around you. The perspective you get on your bike is really different from the one you have while you walk or ride a car. It’s as if you’re part of the picture, yet you’re still just passing through. It makes for some really interesting photos!

Going pro

Lens filters


The sun can get pretty harsh in the summer, making it pretty difficult to shoot at certain times of the day even with an SLR. The best solution is to buy some lens filters to help reduce the amount of light that gets into your lens. This helps you have more control over extra bright days without having to fiddle around with the exposure so much.



For those of you who have friends and cousins who turn to you as the “official photographer” of the trip, you all know how hard it is to do portraits without ample lighting outdoors. Luckily, they sell pocket reflectors online which are made like those small foldable fans they give out.

50mm lens


Ask any photographer what lens you should buy next if you’re just upgrading from your kit lens and you’re sure to get the 50mm as an answer. It’s small, compact, affordable, and takes great portrait photos. Not only is it convenient, it also shoots well in low light, delivers some nice creamy photos and romantic bokeh, and is at that just right level where it’s not too wide and not too long. In one word, the 50mm is awesome.

Mirrorless camera


If you feel like carrying an SLR in your backpack all day might cause you back problems, consider getting a mirrorless camera. The quality of photos is pretty much the same, but it’s smaller and more compact than an SLR. Perfect for hiking trips!

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