Safety For All : The Story of Good Hands Security

Safety For All : The Story of Good Hands Security

What could have been traumatic experiences instead served as an inspiration for Marco Mondejar, President and General Manager of Good Hands Security Products Corporation.

Mondejar fell victim to both akyat bahay and a holdup. However, he knew how to play the hand he’s been dealt. Where most people would have seen a world of threats, he saw a world of opportunity.

Mondejar thought of putting up a business of making security services affordable to the average Filipino. Good Hands Security Products Corporation sells CCTV cameras, two-way radios, security gear, and all sorts of safety equipment.

“Naisip ko, bakit di ako mag-come up ng security and safety that is affordable to people, you know? Providing them easy access sa mga ganitong mga device so that maprotektahan nila ang kanilang mga loved ones, as well as ma-protektahan nila mga sarili nila.”

20-20 vision

Now on its 12th year of business, Good Hands incidentally has 12 branches across Luzon.  He sees Ilocos and Bicol regions as his next expansion areas.

In the next 8 years, Good Hands Security plans to add 8 more branches – 12-12 today, 20-20 in the future

Despite not having branches outside of Luzon, Mondejar has gotten clients from across the sea. For instance, he’s received clients as far south as Cagayan de Oro and even General Santos.

Mondejar attributes this to when he started using Sulit back in April of 2007. Prior to this, most of his clients heard of him through referrals from his relatives and friends.

“Parang nabigyan kami ng level sa playing field ng marketing. Nabigyan kami ng fair treatment as compared dun sa mga big players.”

This is why Mondejar advises people starting up their own businesses in pursuit of their passions to use OLX.


All in the family

Besides OLX, Mondejar says he has his family to thank. After all, his family is as involved in the business as he is. Mondejar says the journey of owning a business is made all the more better. Besides this, he says it’s given rise to a shared common language within his family. The personal and business come together.

For Mondejar, the business will be his legacy to the next generation. There will come a time he says that it will be his grandchildren in charge. With the passion he and his family share for the business, their future is certainly in good hands.