The Friends You Meet in College — And The Graduation Gifts to Get Them

The Friends You Meet in College — And The Graduation Gifts to Get Them

College life — whether it’s been 3, 4, or even 10 years — is an experience no one would want to forget. Part of that is because of the friends you’ve made along the way, and who’ve stuck with you through the toughest times.

Now that you’re off to the real world, it’s time to remember the good times you’ve had with them. You may even want to give them a graduation gift to remember you by. If you already plan to get them something but don’t have anything specific yet, this list might help.


The Art Lover

The Art Lover - Friends you meet in college

This person just exudes culture. Anything that has to do with the arts, this one is your go-to. In a party, they can talk for hours about the technical details of an art piece, book, or movie.

Because you know they pay attention to details, finding the right graduation gift for the creative in your life seems like a tough task. Don’t worry, though, there are still plenty of options out there to pique their interest.

One graduation gift they can use in the long run are fountain pens. Even though they’re not the most convenient, the quality of the output and the designs of the nibs, barrels, and caps make them prized possessions.

A more utilitarian option are bags, so they can store all their materials. Gouache has options for every kind of creative, including camera bags. Your friend can carry their laptop, notebooks, pens, and even a magazine or newspaper in the multiple pockets. They use waxed canvas, so everything inside stays dry.


The Pop Culture Nerd

The Pop Culture Nerd - Friends you meet in college

Every time there’s a quiz game, you can count on the Pop Culture Nerd to blow everyone out the water. Good thing you two frequently team up for them. You’ve even taken your love for TV shows, comics, and even memes outside game nights. References have become your inside jokes and many of your adventures remind you two of something you’ve watched or read.

The easy way out would be to buy a random comic book or graphic t-shirt, but you know you’re better than that. Why not go the extra mile with more vintage copies, action figures, or movie posters for your graduation gift?


The Overachiever

The Overachiever - Friends you meet in college

The Overachiever’s day is never not full. Even with academics and extracurriculars taking up a huge chunk of this person’s time, they still have time to stay fit and help their community. Equally amazing is how they never seem to drop the ball on any of their responsibilities.

Since they care about maximizing their time, why not get them a planner to help them stay organized? You could also give them a journal so they can remember the important moments in their life. A tip if you’re buying a journal: include a handwritten letter on the front page. If you don’t mind spending a bit more, you can even look for a good watch.

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Which of these did you meet in college? Did we miss anyone? Let us know or share your stories in the comments section!