Sell Safely: A Guide to Safe and Secure Selling on OLX

Sell Safely: A Guide to Safe and Secure Selling on OLX

Selling online sounds pretty easy, but there are a few safe and secure ways to ensure that it is always a great experience. When posting an ad on OLX, you can guarantee a win-win exchange by taking some extra precautions. We prepared some guidelines you could follow to minimize being victimized by potential fraudsters.


When Creating an Ad

  • Always make sure to stick to the facts when adding details about your item. Don’t oversell or undersell your product.
  • Do not put information that’s too personal. Answer the fields on the sell form and do not add much else, as these could already serve as the right amount of info that potential buyers need.
  • Be careful about the photos that you take as you don’t want to give out things like your plate number, house number, or even show members of your family. It is enough to just show the item you’re trying to sell.


When Communicating With a Buyer

  • Answer questions strictly about the product and the meet-up. Don’t give out answers to questions about yourself, where you live, and the like.
  • Always encourage a meet-up transaction. This lessens the likelihood that you’re dealing with a fraudster. If they’re not too keen on meeting up, take this as a sign of caution.
  • Communicate through OLX chat or through SMS. Fraudsters usually like to communicate through email, as they could just leave the account in an instant.
  • Take screenshots of your conversation. You could use these as evidence against them if they disappear in the middle of your conversation or mid-transaction.


When You’re Shipping an Item

  • Refrain from having to ship an item. If this can’t be avoided, make sure that you trust the seller and have agreed to the terms of sending the money and item at the same time.
  • Refrain from using Paypal when receiving payments. Be especially wary of buyers that insist you communicate through email. As an added note, most scammers usually use the email format: name+number+@email provider.
  • When receiving money through PayPal, beware of emails posing to be from the official PayPal email address. You can confirm by clicking the email sender, which shows you which address the email actually came from. If it’s other than PayPal, then beware of possible phishing.
  • If the method of payment changes in the middle of the transaction, decline the offer.
  • As much as possible, encourage payment through bank transfer. This is the safest way as the name of the depositor should match the name of the buyer.


When Meeting Up With Your Buyer

  • Choose a public location near you, during the daytime.
  • Bring someone with you.
  • If you need to have them inspect your item, make sure you are meeting up at a place with security guards or CCTVs.
  • Hand the item the same time they hand you the payment.
  • Receive only payments in CASH. This reduces the risk of having a bounced check.

Just keep these tips in mind when transacting through OLX to ensure a win-win exchange! For more tips on how to have a safe and secure transaction, visit the OLX Cybersecurity home base and be a buy-and-sell pro.

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