Easy Habits You Can Develop To Help Save The Environment

Easy Habits You Can Develop To Help Save The Environment

Have you always wanted to make a difference in this world? Well, great news! You have all the power to do so! At present, we are experiencing climate change because of a lot of unsustainable human activities. However, it’s not too late. We still have time to turn things around and save the environment

Here are ways you can contribute to saving the environment and stopping climate change:


Habit #1: Resource Management

One of the easiest habits to form is being careful with managing resources. This means not being wasteful with things like food, water, and electricity. While these resources seem plentiful, they’re still finite. Governments all over the world are trying to solve problems like food security, water scarcity, and the lack of access to power.

So how can we contribute? Here are a few ways:

  • Take shorter baths/showers to consume less water.
  • Unplug appliances that are not in use.
  • Water plants with used water such as “hugas bigas.”
  • Get energy-saving appliances.
  • Store food cooked in large batches instead of throwing them out.

There’s a nice bonus if you cultivate these habits: You get to save money! While they seem minor, these habits can help you save a lot on water and electricity bills as well as on groceries.


Habit #2: Conscious Consumerism

Conscious consumerism might seem like a big word. Don’t worry. It’s simply about buying things that have lesser negative impacts on the environment. This was actually the topic of a recent OLX video that you can check out below:


The gist of it is that every item manufactured needs resources. Trees are cut, oil is burned, metals are mined, plants are harvested, etc. Simply buying second-hand items is a good way to reduce this because it removes the need to manufacture new items. Instead of driving demand for manufacture, buying second-hand makes use of what’s already supplied. This is actually one of the raison d’être of OLX, to provide a platform for buying second-hand things.

How OLX buyers and sellers help the environment

You can see the full infographics here.

Beyond this, however, there are times when one may need to purchase brand new. The solution is simple: Buy local. It reduces the need to import goods. Transporting imported goods is a huge contributor to carbon emissions. In addition to this, you help Filipino businesses grow.


Habit #3: Waste Minimization

Here’s a scary fact: Every piece of plastic ever manufactured still exists. You may have heard horror stories about areas flooding because of poor waste management or of entire marine ecosystems being wiped out by pollution. These are heart-breaking stories. But there’s some good news: they can be prevented.

Just reducing the amount of garbage you produce contributes to saving communities and eco-systems. Garbage sneaks its way in our daily lives in a way that might be hard to notice. However, through some simple substitutions, you can drastically reduce this:

Use eco bags when you shop and avoid using plastic - Habits that help save the environment

Understandably, it’s difficult to completely go zero-waste. However, for those times you get plastic bottles or wrappers, you can make an eco-brick! Not only do you reduce waste, you create building materials. Cool, huh?


Habit #4: Oil Independence

Simply walking, biking, or taking public transportation instead of driving a car dramatically reduces your personal carbon footprint.

Walking and biking are great options if your destination is relatively nearby. It’s also healthy because you get to exercise!

If you’re going to walk you’ll need the following:

Meanwhile, if you’re going to bike you’ll definitely need the following:

Start biking to work so you can save on gas and transportation expenses too. - Habits that help save the environment - OLX Yaman

For longer distances, commuting is an option. The Philippine heat might be something to contend with but there are ways around it too. You can check out our article on how to stay cool and comfy while commuting.

Alternatively, you can also carpool which is less overall carbon emissions per person. Finally, you can opt to use an electric bike which, while dependent on electricity, at least does not produce carbon emissions by itself.

Like the other habits listed, there’s also a hidden bonus to this. You get to save money on fuel and car maintenance!

The climate change situation might seem dire. Saving the environment might sound difficult. However, through these small habits, we can make a difference. What more if the community comes together for it? Besides, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to say this? “I’m saving the world. No big deal.” So go ahead and try these habits out. You might even inspire your own community.