Sell These Petmalu Halloween Costume Ideas

Sell These Petmalu Halloween Costume Ideas

With all the decorations and costumes on sale, you know it’s Halloween season. Who would have thought that a celebration from Europe would be adopted here in the Philippines? Then again, our ancestors believed in all sorts of supernatural creatures. Even when the Christian colonizers came and conquered, the beliefs persisted.

Despite the advancements of science, rationality, and skepticism, the paranormal continues to grip us with fear. Unlike Dracula, Sadako, and Pennywise, the creatures of our myths and legends strike a deeper chord. After all, many of us grew up in fear of them.

This year, why not dig up those old fears? Sell scary Halloween costumes! Go beyond the typical. Sell the Halloween costumes of things people are really afraid of. Here are some Halloween costume ideas you can sell:



Stories of ghosts can be found in almost all known cultures in the world. Ghosts go by many names: spirit, specter, shade, wraith, phantom, just to name a few. In the Philippines, we call them multo (from the Spanish word, muerto which means “dead”). Of all of them, none compare to the infamy of the White Lady. Many of us probably grew up with one White Lady story or another. The White Lady has even become the topic of many comics and films.

The multo that appears in the trailer for the restoration of the film, Patayin Mo Sa Sindak Si Barbara (1974). Screengrab from the ABS-CBN Entertainment Youtube page.

One moment they’re there. The next moment, they’re gone. The horror of the multo comes not from some physical threat, but from their mere presence. They remind us of how horrible we can be to each other. The multo linger as indelible remnants of the darkness, not around us, but within all of us.

If you’re selling a multo costume, try to go beyond the usual. Sell the standards like the white dress and heavy, white makeup. However, sell black or red dresses as well. Maybe you can add an interesting twist by selling something like a fake, bloody axe.

Go for it! Sell a multo costume on OLX!



While people in Eastern Europe had vampires (said to symbolize greedy nobles), early Filipinos had the manananggal. Taking on the appearance of a human, the manananggal blends in with most of society. However, when dusk falls, they reveal their sinister form. The upper half of their body detaches, sprouting bat-like wings to fly off into the night to feast.

Ryza Cenon, dressed up as a manananggal in the film, Ang Manananggal Sa Unit 23B. Photo taken from Cinema Bravo.

According to legends, the manananggal feasts on the blood of pregnant women using proboscis-like tongue like a disturbing butterfly. Meanwhile, modern depictions portray the mananggal as less discriminatory in taste and execution. A recent film, “Ang Mananggal Sa Apartment 23B” depicts the monster ripping out and eating the hearts of men.

With their ability to blend in with everyone else, mananggals terrorize us because we never know who they are until it’s too late. They remind us that the frightful can lurk among us without us realizing it.

If you’re planning on selling a manananggal costume, the movie “Ang Manananggal Sa Unit 23B” would be a good peg. The mananggal in the film actually dresses up as a mananggal for a Halloween party. You can try selling something similar.

Sell a manananggal costume on OLX!



When some people get stressed, they look at cute things to cope. Some look at puppies while others look at babies. However, this is one baby that would probably stress you out more, to say the least.

Screengrab from the film, Tiyanak (1988). Tiyanak (1988) is owned by Regal Films.

Stories of the tiyanak abound in our folklore. Some depict it as a shape-shifting monster while others depict it as a baby corrupted by dark forces. Whatever origin, the tiyanak prey on our fragility. Like the manananggal, the tiyanak strikes fear into us that evil can lurk anywhere. This bit of folklore takes the sweetness and innocence of children and twists it into something disturbing.

Selling a baby-sized tiyanak costume would be in bad taste. However, you could always sell an adult-sized costume. Imagine how scary a Tiyanak-turned Bondying would be. That would be petmalu. Sell one on OLX!



As archipelagic people, it’s not a surprise our ancestors also feared creatures of the depths. One creature they thought of is the sirena. Similar to the mermaids of other cultures, they would lure seafarers into watery graves with their voices.

The mystery of the depths certainly has a special terrifying quality. Beyond the fear of death through drowning, we also fear the creatures that might try to drown us. Drowning because one doesn’t know how to swim is one thing. However, to drown because someone or something is trying to kill you carries more primal fright.

To be taken to the bottom of the sea is to enter the abyss. In the abyss, there is no light, but an endless, suffocating darkness where the unknown lurk. At the bottom, there is no salvation. All because one merely fell for beauty. The sirena represents our fear of what lies beneath the surface, literally and figuratively.

Selling a sirena / sireno costume would be interesting. Off the bat, you can sell a modified Little Mermaid costume. You’ll never know when someone searches for a “sirena” costume.

With Hallow’s Eve coming soon, we look deeper into the frightful creatures of our culture. This Halloween, sell a costume of something from our local imaginary. Remind people that when it comes to the most fearful and frightening, one need not look far. They may be lurking around the next corner or even… right behind you.

What do you think of our list? We’re sure there are plenty more creatures out there we can talk about like the tikbalang, the kapre, and the wakwak. What do you think they represent?

Are you making any weird or unusual costumes for Halloween? Sell them on OLX and let us know in the comments!