Home Safety Checklist: How To Make Sure Your House Is Always Safe

Home Safety Checklist: How To Make Sure Your House Is Always Safe

The home should be a place where one feels safe and secure. However, there are a still a lot of ways to get hurt in the comfort of one’s own home. Keep your loved ones safe by always keeping the following things in mind:


Home Safety Checklist Item 1: The Stove

Make sure that the gas tank is connected to your stove via a secure cable. Check whether both ends may be loose, and make it a habit every time you replace your gas tank.


Home Safety Checklist Item 2: Plugs and Circuit Box

Always remember to unplug appliances and other electronics when not in use. Check your circuit box every so often.


Home Safety Checklist Item 3: Doors and Windows

Take account of various forms of ingress and egress to and from the home, such as the attic windows or basement hatches, to ensure that all access points are secured at all times, especially when you’re not around.


Home Safety Checklist Item 4: Fire and Burglar Alarms

Check whether your home alarm systems have working batteries within them. Perform alarm tests several times throughout the year.


Home Safety Checklist Item 5: Childproof your Home

Keep potentially harmful items out of your children’s reach. Make a habit of putting knives and scissors back in their proper place after every use. Don’t place heavy or breakable items where kids can knock them over.


Home Safety Checklist Item 6: Emergency Supplies

Ensure that your emergency kits are always stocked or replenished. Keep a first aid kit, as well as an emergency storm or earthquake kit, handy at all times. Rechargeable torches, sirens, and radios should also be made available. See our list of items on the the Philippine Red Cross’s recommendations for an emergency kit and other disaster preparedness tips here.


Home Safety Checklist Item 7: Spare Parts and Reserves

Set aside a few extra light bulbs, extension cords, transformer plugs, and other essential home implements ready and available at all times.

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What other advice do you have on keeping one’s home safe? Share with us in the comments below. 🙂




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