Honda Jazz: Three generations of excellence

Honda Jazz: Three generations of excellence

Compact vehicles have steadily grown in popularity, and it’s not surprising why: who wouldn’t want a car that offers spacious interiors and excellent fuel economy? One of the leading options today is the Honda Jazz, and OLX decided to do a little retrospective on this small but capable car:


First Generation (2001-2008)


The first iteration was launched in Japan back in 2000 as the Honda Fit, but it only became available locally in 2004 carrying the more familiar “Jazz” badge. To maximize cabin space, the Jazz placed the fuel tank just below the front seats, while featuring a shortened front and a compact suspension system. It also offered various ways of folding the rear seats to create loading space.

In the Philippines, the first-generation Jazz was available in three trims: the 1.3L, 1.3S, and the 1.5S. As expected, the S-series offered more bells and whistles, such as dual SRS air bag, all-power, and ABS.

You could also choose between two engine configurations:

(1) L13A i-DSI:  delivers 61kW of power at just 4.8L/100km (ideal for urban driving)

(2) L15A VTEC: delivers 81kW of power at 5.2L/100km (for more demanding driving requirements)


Honda Jazz First Generation
Size Length: 151.4 in
Width: 65.9 in
Height: 60.0 in
Trim 1.3L
Engine Performance L13A i-DSI = 61kW of power; 119Nm of torque
L15A VTEC = 81kW of power; 143Nm of torque
Estimated Fuel Mileage 4.8 – 5.2L/100km
Key Features Fuel tank beneath front seat
Shortened front
Compact suspension system
Foldable rear seats



Second Generation (2007-2014)


The second generation Honda Jazz was a major overhaul from the first one. To begin with, the chassis was redesigned to provide 164% more structural rigidity, which gives it better crash performance and safety. In terms of engine, the new Jazz now sported the i-VTEC ‘intelligent’ variable valve timing technology that delivers even better power-to-fuel performance. Tweaks were made to the construction to improve steering, handling and operating noise.

Appearance wise, the second-gen vehicle also saw some tweaks. The front pillars were now pitched a bit more forward to create even greater cabin space for passengers. The Jazz grew a tiny bit as well, being slightly longer and wider than before, though still maintaining its original height.

When it became available locally in 2008, motorists could choose between two trims: 1.3S and 1.5V models (the L-line was dropped).


Honda Jazz Second Generation
Size Length: 151.4 in
Width: 65.9 in
Height: 60.0 in
Trim 1.3S
Engine Performance 1.3 i-VTEC = 73kW of power; 127Nm of torque
1.5 i-VTEC = 88kW of power; 145Nm of torque
Estimated Fuel Mileage 5.8 – 6.7L/100km
Key Features Reinforced chassis
New i-VTEC engine
Even greater cabin space
Improved handling and steering



Third Generation (2014-Present)


The newest Honda Jazz was unveiled in June last year, and as expected it introduced a slew of improvements. First up, the body was now constructed of ultra-strength 780 MPa yield steel. The platform was also completely redesigned to create a sturdy but super light base for the car.

The latest-gen Honda Jazz also uses a lower fuel tank and a redesigned rear wheel arch to further increase cabin space. What’s more, there are now 18 ways to fold up the rear seats to free up space round back. As in previous incarnations, the third-generation Jazz also grew a few inches all around to achieve more spacious interiors.

Lastly, Honda dropped the 1.3L engine capacity—all new Jazz vehicles now sport a 1.5L engine by default. Higher-end trims also come equipped with touch-screen dashboard controls.


Honda Jazz Third Generation
Size Length: 155.7 in
Width: 66.7 in
Height: 60.0–61.0 in
Trim 1.5 V MT
1.5 V CVT
1.5 VX CVT
1.5 VX+ CVT
Engine Performance 1.5 i-VTEC = 88kW of power; 145Nm of torque
Estimated Fuel Mileage 5.8L/100km
Key Features Sturdier body construction
Redesigned platform
Superior interior space
More ways to fold rear seats
Optional touch screen dashboard interface


Overall, selecting which Jazz to go for depends on your budget, fuel consumption option, aesthetic preference, and other key car features.

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