How to lose a car guy in 10 ways

How to lose a car guy in 10 ways


Dating a car guy sure is different from dating any other kind of guy. And while all guys have different sets of pet peeves that would drive them away, here’s how to guarantee that you don’t go on a second date with a car guy.

  • Smoke, eat or drink inside the car.
    (The messier and smellier, the better.)
  • Mark your fingerprints all over a newly cleaned window.
  • Adjust the passenger seats.
    (Make sure to go the extra mile by not aligning with the driver’s seat.)
  • Change the preset radio station and audio controls.
  • Ask him to go on a date while it’s raining.
    (Do it after he spends a whole day waxing his car.)
  • Do try sitting on the hood, roof and/or trunk of his car.
    (Jeans with metal eyelets on the back pockets will do it nicely.)
  • Use the rear view mirror to fix yourself up.
    (Pretend you didn’t know his car has standard vanity mirrors behind the passenger sunvisor.)
  • Always brush your hair inside his car.
    (Your hair all over the place reminds him who’s boss.)
  • Rest your tired feet on the dashboard.
    (Especially with your sandy hard-soled shoes on.)
  • When your guy installs something new on his car, tell him it looks the same to you.
    (Works especially well with a new expensive set of aftermarket wheels.)

… or you can disregard all of the above and just find a biker guy. Next article coming soon!