How to travel and earn money at the same time

How to travel and earn money at the same time

The number one reason why some people don’t travel as often as they’d like is that it can definitely be expensive. Taking a break from work is often not an option as it means having a slight difference in their income. So people postpone their plans until they feel that they have saved enough, which might not feel like something that happens very often.

However, there are many individuals who have made traveling sustainable by earning money WHILE traveling. Here are some occupations for serial backpackers and travel addicts you might want to explore:




Many countries offer volunteer vacations to locations that might require help that you can offer. These are usually for developing countries such as the Philippines. You might have encountered foreigners working here as volunteers, and you could do the same in other parts of the country or abroad. Organizations would look for volunteers with different skill sets, but the most in-demand are those with experience in health and medicine, science, engineering, education, business and management. Technically, volunteers are not paid an income, but they are given allowances and benefits to enable them to stay and work.




Teach your expertise to other people. The most popular among travelers is teaching English in a country where English is not a first language. Many Asian schools look to hire Filipino teachers for their reputation as good, patient, and able to relate well to Asian students. If teaching English is not your thing, it is also popular to teach an activity like art and yoga, or sports like surfing, swimming and diving. There might even be an opportunity for you at tourist spots.


Hospitality jobs


While looking for accommodations, try to find out if you could get a better deal with the hotel or hostel by working for them as well. There could be a need for someone who could man the front desk, cook in the kitchen, clean rooms—don’t be too picky if you get to stay at a place for free. People best suited for such jobs are those that don’t mind getting their hands dirty and those who can keep odd hours. Nonetheless, a hospitality job will also better expose you to travelers from all over the globe and you get to meet new people everyday.


Travel writer


You must have stumbled upon a few travel blogs while researching for your next trip. The most successful writers have made traveling their lifestyle, and that includes making money while doing what they love the most. Building a reputation online will take a bit of time and it might be difficult to get an audience. So, write informative and useful articles that cater to a niche. Take a look at bloggers who have branded themselves as a budget traveler, kikay traveler, mom traveler, and so on. Writers can make money off web ads and publishing deals, but as a traveler, you would want to get sponsored trips. Also, while blogging is most accessible, writing for legitimate publications as an official travel correspondent have added benefits like allowances and insurance.


Remote work


Transition to doing online freelance work so you can take your job anywhere you go. All you need to have is a laptop and a stable internet connection. The easiest way to start is to sign up for sites like Upwork or Freelancer that connects you to clients looking for remote workers. The most popular job postings are those for writers, virtual assistants and graphic designers. You could also find local employers who are open to work-at-home arrangements. These are usually BPOs, tech companies and startups.


Buy and sell


When you live in the Philippines, ordering items from another country is a very difficult process. You’d need a credit card or Paypal account, along with a lot of patience and extra money for dealing with customs. Help fellow Filipinos get their hands on things you can only buy abroad. Such items include food, cosmetics and apparel. When traveling, be on the lookout for designer brands on sale or unique trinkets you can’t find in the Philippines. Bring these home and sell them online or to friends. Although, be mindful that your packed luggage does not look like a store with multiple pieces of the same item and purchases in their original packaging. There are taxes imposed on goods brought into the country for commercial purposes.