Hygiene Practices You Need to Start Doing This 2017

Hygiene Practices You Need to Start Doing This 2017

It’s new year, which means a fresh start for many of us. While we’re all hitting the gym, changing our diets, or starting bullet journals, there are also other changes we can make to have a healthier year ahead. These aren’t your usual hygiene tips, though. They’re easy compared to a lot of fads so it’s not that hard to stay on track, but doing them can make a huge difference to your day.


Clean your nails.

Our nails are made of the same materials as our hair, but while a lot of us pay attention to having a silky mane, it’s easy to forget our nails when we go through our routines. Having clean nails, though, could mean the difference between an ordinary day and having to deal with infections.

Clean your nails - Hygiene practices you need to start doing this 2017

Dirt and germs can get stuck in long nails, so when you eat or even touch parts of your body, you put yourself at risk of pinworms or diarrhea. Aside from washing your hands with soap and water, you should clean and groom them too (just remember to sterilize any tools you use).

Avoid using acrylics to paint your nails and sticking on fake ones. While these are fashionable, they can damage your nails over time. To repair them, you can rub jojoba oil, which also kills off any bacteria clinging to your fingers.


Keep your stuff clean.

A large part of staying clean is keeping your things clean as well. As you continue using your stuff—especially grooming tools and clothes—you leave behind dead skin and other dirt. These can cause odor and even infections.

Keep your stuff clean - Hygiene practices you need to start doing this 2017

Change toiletries like your towels, toothbrushes, and combs regularly. Towels and combs can be sterilized using warm water and soap. Toothbrushes, on the other hand, should be replaced every 3 or 4 months. Even your beddings should be changed every week to wash off dead skin that may have accumulated.

A simple change of insoles can also reduce your chances of getting foot odor. Those made of foam can get nasty pretty quickly, but cedarwood absorbs moisture and is antibacterial.


Eat healthy.

When it comes to personal hygiene, we are what we eat. While we all know that eating too much sugar is bad for teeth, our diets can affect the cleanliness of other parts of our bodies.

Zinc deficiency is linked to foot odor. While you can always just use zinc powder on your shoes and feet, eating meat, legumes, and sunflower seeds would be a long-term solution. On the other hand, too much protein and you get the infamous “meat sweats” because they generate heat.

Eat healthy - Hygiene practices you need to start doing this 2017

You don’t actually have to start any special diet programs to feel fresh. Your best bet is to balance your intake of all the food groups—especially fruits and vegetables—and take some supplements if you’re low on any minerals.

Those are some simple hygiene tips to start 2017 on the right foot. Which of these will you incorporate into your new daily routine? Do you have other hacks to add? Let us know by dropping a comment!